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Source Secrets of Magic pg. 160 1.1
PFS Note Fulus do not expire after one year. Players cannot create their own fulus.

These rectangular paper charms originate from the temples of Tian Xia, where priests provide them to ward a homestead or protect travelers on the road. Others use fulus in rituals, summoning spirits to aid them in cleansing evil.

Many regional variants of fulus, each of which carries a different name, exist throughout Tian Xia. The workings behind the writings remained a secret until scholars correctly deduced that the charms were, in fact, edicts that commanded magic to act in the fashion prescribed by the talisman. Deciphering these writings allowed for the creation of fulus that draw power from sources as diverse as a witch's patron, an arcane legacy, or the changing of the seasons. For the creative adventurer, this lightweight paper makes a versatile tool with many potential applications.

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