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PFS StandardWilding Steward

Source Player Core pg. 185
When your patron appeared before you, they moved with the grace and ferocity of the wilderness, their voice the creaking of trees and the sound of hoof against unspoiled earth. They might have been a dryad queen or a primeval beast, but it seemed all of nature was theirs to defend.

Spell List primal
Patron Skill Nature

Lesson of Wild Speech Your patron has taught you the complexities of nonverbal speech, letting you influence and call animals and plants to you. You gain the wilding word hex cantrip and your familiar learns your choice of summon animal or summon plant or fungus
Familiar of Keen Senses Your familiar has glinting eyes, twitching ears, or some other sign of a beast's powerful senses. When you Cast or Sustain a hex, your familiar gains your choice of an imprecise scent, tremorsense, or wavesense, with a range of 60 feet until the start of your next turn, and it can immediately Point Out as a free action.