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Tell Campfire Story

Camping Concentrate Emotion Linguistic Mental 
Source Kingmaker Companion Guide pg. 112
You spend 2 hours telling a rousing story, perhaps one of your previous adventures or something that was in turn told to you around a campfire. The GM might award a +1 circumstance bonus to your check if the story is relevant to your recent or upcoming adventures, or if it reflects one or more characters' personal stories. Attempt a Performance check against a DC equal to that set by your own level, as given on Table 10–5.

All allies in your camp can potentially gain benefits from your stories, but those who spend the hour Relaxing gain the greatest benefits. An ally who spends the two hours of your campfire story Hunting and Gathering or is otherwise outside of the camp's immediate area is not affected by your campfire story.

Critical Success You inspire your allies dramatically. For the remainder of the camping session, your allies gain a +2 status bonus to attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks during combat at the campsite. The bonuses end as soon as daily preparations begin after resting is concluded. If an ally spent the hour Relaxing, they can also choose to reroll a failed roll at any time once during the remainder of the camping session while the status bonus persists; this is a fortune effect.
Success You inspire your allies. As critical success, but the status bonus is +1. An ally who spent the hour Relaxing receives a +2 status bonus but does not receive the reroll effect granted by a critical success.
Failure Your allies are unmoved and receive no benefits.
Critical Failure Your story distracts or unsettles your allies. They each take a –1 status penalty to skill checks until they Relax or until they begin daily preparations.