Source Core Rulebook pg. 631 4.0
This effect alters a creature's emotions. Effects with this trait always have the mental trait as well. Creatures with special training or that have mechanical or artificial intelligence are immune to emotion effects.


Badger Rage, Coerce, Demoralize, Grim Swagger, Iron Command, Mesmerizing Performance , Rage, Rally, Restore the Mind, Ring Bell, Screaming Skull, Seething Frenzy, Tell Campfire Story, Visions of Sin


Reviled of Nature, Sellsword's Folly


Bewildering Spellgun, Captivating Bauble, Captivating Rosebud, Captivating Score, Dread, Dread Ampoule, Dread Blindfold, Dread Helm, Fearsome, Ghost Ampoule, Hex Blaster, Lover's Gloves, Owlbear Egg, Phantasmal Doorknob, Terrifying Ammunition, Wand of Dumbfounding Doom, Wand of Mental Purification


Bon Mot, Catchy Tune, Caterwaul, Cavalier's Banner, Command Attention, Cringe, Dark Persona's Presence, Disarming Smile, Disturbing Knowledge, Dragon Roar, Emotional Surge, Empathetic Plea, Enchanting Arrow, Enlightened Presence, Flourishing Finish, Frightful Aura, Frightful Condemnation, Frightful Moan, Gorilla Pound, Grovel, Heroic Presence, Inspiring Resilience, Intimidating Strike, Mental Balm, Mesmerizing Gaze, Mummy's Despair, No Cause for Alarm, One for All, Push Back the Dead!, Read Psychometric Resonance, Reveal True Name, Scare to Death, Snap Out of It! (Marshal), Startling Appearance (Vigilante), Steel Yourself!, Strix Vengeance, Tut-Tut, Voice Cold as Death, Warped Reflection, Watch This!, Watch Your Back, Wave the Flag, You're Next

Focus Spells

Allegro, Ancestral Touch, Blind Ambition, Blinding Beauty, Call to Arms, Captivating Adoration, Charming Touch, Competitive Edge, Contagious Idea, Delusional Pride, Dirge of Doom, Dread Aura, Dread Secret, Evil Eye, Fatal Aria, Font of Serenity, Frenzied Revelry, Heart's Desire, Hollow Heart, Horrific Visage, Inspire Competence, Inspire Courage, Inspire Defense, Lament, Manifold Lives, Overflowing Sorrow, Roar of the Wyrm, Sepulchral Mask, Shaken Confidence, Shared Nightmare, Song of Strength, Soothing Ballad, Soothing Words, Stoke the Heart, Triple Time, Waking Nightmare, You're Mine, Zeal for Battle


Amity Cycle, Community Repair, Dread Ambience


Coerce, Demoralize


Agonizing Despair, Aromatic Lure, Befuddle, Belittling Boast, Blinding Fury, Blistering Invective, Calm Emotions, Canticle of Everlasting Grief, Celestial Accord, Charm, Confusion, Crushing Despair, Cutting Insult, Draw Ire, Empathic Link, Enthrall, Fear, Forced Mercy, Glimmer of Charm, Hideous Laughter, Horrifying Blood Loss, Hypnopompic Terrors, Impart Empathy, Impending Doom, Implement of Destruction, Inexhaustible Cynicism, Infectious Comedy, Infectious Ennui, Infectious Enthusiasm, Invoke Spirits, Mask of Terror, Mind of Menace, Phantasmal Killer, Phantasmal Treasure, Roaring Applause, Schadenfreude, Soothe, Unfathomable Song, Unspeakable Shadow, Vision of Beauty, Warp Mind, Warrior's Regret, Weird, Zealous Conviction