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PFS StandardWarped Reflection [one-action] Feat 1

Concentrate Emotion Fear Mental Reflection Visual 
Source Dark Archive pg. 120
Frequency once per minute

Due to your origins, your form is more flexible than most. You shift your appearance to resemble a creature within 30 feet but with an unsettling, horrifying twist. Though this transformation is momentary, witnessing it gives the target deep existential dread. It must succeed at a Will save against the higher of your class DC or spell DC or become frightened 1 (frightened 2 on a critical failure) and be stupefied 1 as long as the frightened condition lasts. Once you've used Warped Reflection against a creature, it's temporarily immune for 24 hours.



An action with this trait requires a degree of mental concentration and discipline.


This effect alters a creature's emotions. Effects with this trait always have the mental trait as well. Creatures with special training or that have mechanical or artificial intelligence are immune to emotion effects.


Fear effects evoke the emotion of fear. Effects with this trait always have the mental and emotion traits as well.


A mental effect can alter the target's mind. It has no effect on an object or a mindless creature.


A creature with this trait has the reflection versatile heritage. Reflections are beings who are copies of living people, whether through cloning, planar duplication, or another mechanism. An ability with this trait can be used or selected only by reflections.


A visual effect can affect only creatures that can see it. This applies only to visible parts of the effect, as determined by the GM.