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Faction Archetypes

These archetypes are closely related to an existing Faction in Golarion.

PFS LimitedBellflower TillerDedication Feat 6

Source Pathfinder #147: Tomorrow Must Burn pg. 75
Prerequisites Charisma 14; expert in Stealth and Survival; member of the Bellflower Network
Bellflower tillers handle most of the ground-level efforts of freeing slaves and escorting them to safety. They use farming-related code words to hide their work: a tiller’s freed slaves are her “crop,” which she moves along secretive paths termed “rows,” taking shelter in secret hideouts referred to as “barns.”

PFS LimitedButterfly BladeDedication Feat 4

Source Pathfinder #166: Despair on Danger Island pg. 78
Prerequisites trained in butterfly swords
You've trained in one of Goka's oldest traditions of espionage, intimidation, and combat mastery. You use your skills to learn about your enemies and cut them down with your mastery of the butterfly sword.

PFS LimitedCrystal KeeperDedication Feat 4

Source Pathfinder #148: Fires of the Haunted City pg. 74
Prerequisites trained in Society or Elven Lore
In the era before Earthfall, the elven people of Golarion exhibited a wide range of mastery over magic. A sect of elves who venerated the goddess Yuelral first developed the techniques of the crystal keeper, but this tradition has since been long forgotten by most of the world. There are those who still remember, though—PCs can gain access to the crystal keeper archetype from the tragic figure that haunts Jewelgate waystation in “Fires of the Haunted City.”

Edgewatch DetectiveDedication Feat 2

Source Pathfinder #157: Devil at the Dreaming Palace pg. 79
Prerequisites Intelligence 14, or Wisdom 14
You're a specially trained detective for the Edgewatch guard precinct in Absalom.

PFS StandardFirebrand BraggartDedication Feat 4

Source Character Guide pg. 74 2.0
Prerequisites Charisma 14; second mark member of the Firebrands
The following archetype is available to prominent members of the Firebrands.

Many Firebrands travel the Inner Sea region drawing attention to themselves, making great shows of their exploits, and proclaiming their great deeds.

PFS LimitedGolden League XunDedication Feat 8

Source Pathfinder #167: Ready? Fight! pg. 76
Prerequisites master in Underworld Lore
You've become a xun, a powerful gang enforcer.

PFS StandardHalcyon SpeakerDedication Feat 6

Source Character Guide pg. 104 2.0
Prerequisites Magaambyan Attendant Dedication; member of the Magaambya of conversant rank
One of Old-Mage Jatembe’s central lessons was that magic was magic, no matter what the source. Though the Magaambya seeks to hold true to Jatembe’s teachings by aiming to understand magic of all kinds, the mages of the Magaambya have found the most success with magic rooted in the material world. Halcyon speakers are powerful conversants who epitomize the Magaambyan practice of blending arcane and primal magic, seeing both traditions as flowing from the same wellspring.

PFS StandardHellknightDedication Feat 6

Source Character Guide pg. 84 2.0
Prerequisites Hellknight Armiger Dedication; lawful alignment; member of a Hellknight Order; passed the Hellknight Test
Hellknights are among the fiercest warriors in the Inner Sea region, as they have emerged from hell-forged trials ready to serve as faceless bastions of law wherever chaos might threaten to rear.

PFS StandardHellknight ArmigerDedication Feat 2

Source World Guide pg. 107 2.0
Prerequisites member of a Hellknight Order; trained in heavy armor as well as your order's favored weapon
You have presented yourself to a Hellknight citadel as a candidate to become a fearsome Hellknight. You believe that all who live must be forced to obey law, and you adventure as a test of your loyalty, discipline, and courage. Someday you will take the Hellknight test and battle a devil in single combat to prove your strength and join the Hellknight ranks.

PFS StandardHellknight SigniferDedication Feat 6

Source Character Guide pg. 85 2.0
Prerequisites spellcasting class feature; Hellknight Armiger Dedication; lawful alignment; member of a Hellknight Order; passed the Hellknight Test
Signifers are the powerful and enigmatic Hellknight spellcasters who support and sometimes lead other Hellknights on their missions to enforce unwavering law. Formidable in their own right, signifers are trained to be unstoppable forces of order and authority when they stand alongside their martial counterparts.

PFS StandardKnight ReclaimantDedication Feat 6

Source Character Guide pg. 95 2.0
Prerequisites trained in Stealth and Survival; any non-evil alignment; member of the Knights of Lastwall of knight rank
Knights reclaimant spend much of their time amid the horrors of the Gravelands, rescuing civilians that remain and striking back against the Whispering Tyrant’s agents. Accomplishing these goals requires the adoption of subtle tactics, with a focus on stealth and survival.

PFS StandardKnight VigilantDedication Feat 6

Source Character Guide pg. 94 2.0
Prerequisites trained in Religion; any good alignment; member of the Knights of Lastwall of knight rank
Taking their lead from heroic stories of the Shining Crusade, the knights vigilant stand as a courageous example of morality and honor.

PFS StandardLastwall SentryDedication Feat 2

Source World Guide pg. 47 2.0
Prerequisites member of the Knights of Lastwall; Shield Block
While the nation of Lastwall is gone, leaving only the horror of the Gravelands behind, you refuse to give up and renounce your oaths. You’ve renewed your vows, swearing to combat the influence of the Whispering Tyrant wherever it might strike across Golarion.

PFS StandardLion BladeDedication Feat 2

Source World Guide pg. 131 2.0
Prerequisites member of the Lion Blades; trained in Performance
You’ve trained as a spy in service of Taldor, learning secrets of disguise, manipulating crowds, and deceiving various sorts of magic users with ease. You likely dropped out of the Kitharodian Academy, Taldor’s premier bardic college, in order to train at one of the Lion Blade’s elite Shadow Schools.

PFS StandardLiving MonolithDedication Feat 2

Source World Guide pg. 59 2.0
Prerequisites Ancient Osiriani and Sphinx languages; trained in Crafting
You have delved into ancient sphinx magic to imbue your body and soul with the patience and strength of stone, as you work to create a special magical ka stone to finalize your oaths.

PFS StandardMagaambyan AttendantDedication Feat 2

Source Character Guide pg. 101 2.0
Prerequisites trained in Arcana or Nature; member of the Magaambya of attendant rank
Magaambyans attendants have become full members of the Magaambya and begun to learn the secrets of the university. Not all Magaambyan attendants necessarily have this archetype, and this archetype doesn’t represent the abilities of all attendants; rather, the archetype represents many of those who have affiliated with a branch and are pursuing conversant rank.

PFS LimitedMammoth LordDedication Feat 4

Source Pathfinder #177: Burning Tundra pg. 78
Prerequisites Ride
The Kellid people of the far north are collectively known as the Mammoth Lords, but this name is something of a generalization. True Mammoth Lords are rare champions, heroes among their people who have tamed a mammoth, cave bear, triceratops, or other megafauna. They often ride these enormous creatures into battle. Astride their mighty steeds, Mammoth Lords lead their followings along migratory routes they've used for generations, and they defend their people from frost giants, white dragons, and many other perils of the far north.

You're one of these legendary heroes, a true Mammoth Lord. You've captured or befriended one of the megafauna of the far north and tamed it. This heroic deed is best done as part of an adventure, but if that isn't possible, work with your GM to determine the details of how you managed to make one of these tremendous creatures your companion. You now ride this fantastic beast into battle, fighting from atop its back.

PFS StandardPathfinder AgentDedication Feat 2

Source World Guide pg. 23 2.0
Prerequisites member of the Pathfinder Society
You’re a field agent of the globe-trotting Pathfinder Society, sworn to report, explore, and cooperate. You explore the world, gathering artifacts and antiquities, and record your adventures for posterity.

PFS RestrictedRed Mantis AssassinDedication Feat 2

Source World Guide pg. 71 2.0
Prerequisites trained in sawtooth sabers; worshipper of Achaekek; lawful evil alignment; member of the Red Mantis assassins
You are a Red Mantis assassin, inducted by the mantis god and sworn to chase your prey to the end of the world and beyond.

PFS StandardScrollmasterDedication Feat 6

Source Character Guide pg. 113 2.0
Prerequisites expert in any Lore skill; member of the Pathfinder Society affiliated with the School of Scrolls
Members who align themselves with the Scrolls branch of the Pathfinder Society are fervent seekers of lore, experts in esoterica, and masters of the wealth of knowledge at the Society’s disposal. In addition to maintaining and researching the Society’s massive collection of tomes and artifacts, these scholars are also eager to adventure in order to add to the Pathfinder’s archives. They take tremendous pride in their ability to thoroughly observe, research, and catalog creatures and events. Members of the Scrolls value knowledge and preparation above strength and cunning, and they work to hone their intellectual skills. As a Scrollmaster, you are an elite member of this arm of the Society.

PFS StandardSoul WardenDedication Feat 2

Source Book of the Dead pg. 26
Prerequisites trained in Occultism or Religion; worships Pharasma or a psychopomp usher
You consider yourself an honorary psychopomp—a shepherd of spirits who ensures the cycle of souls progresses unimpeded. Although you're unable to safeguard the cycle of souls in its entirety, you strive to ensure each soul's time on the Material Plane proceeds without incident. You work to free souls from imprisonment, prevent necromancers from animating the dead, and destroy undead so their souls rejoin the cycle.

While most who hunt undead do so out of fear, vengeance, or a desire to protect the lives of others, you take a more measured and far less emotional approach; you destroy undead so their souls can continue their journey along the River of Souls, thus ensuring the continuation of existence. You understand that without the cycle of souls, the life cycle of the planes is disrupted, and all of existence could be consumed by the Maelstrom.

Nearly all soul wardens worship Pharasma or one of the psychopomp ushers, especially Barzahk the Passage, a psychopomp usher who routinely shirks their duties and needs help from mortal soul wardens. Soul wardens also often join organizations that regularly combat undead, including the Voices of the Spire and Ustalav's Ivory Reapers.

PFS StandardSpellmasterDedication Feat 6

Source Character Guide pg. 114 2.0
Prerequisites Intelligence 14, Wisdom 14, or Charisma 14; ability to cast focus spells; member of the Pathfinder Society affiliated with the School of Spells
Those who train under the Master of Spells concern themselves with all matters related to magic. Though not all members of the School of Spells are spellcasters, those who would become Spellmasters of the highest rank and influence have at least some spellcasting capabilities.

PFS StandardStudent of PerfectionDedication Feat 2

Source World Guide pg. 83 2.0
Prerequisites powerful fist, or expert in unarmed attacks; member of a House of Perfection
You studied martial arts at Jalmeray’s Houses of Perfection.

PFS StandardSwordmasterDedication Feat 6

Source Character Guide pg. 115 2.0
Prerequisites Strength 14, Dexterity 14, or Constitution 14; member of the Pathfinder Society affiliated with the School of Swords
Though the ultimate goal of the Pathfinder society is to learn, knowledge cannot be spread if those who discover it fail to come back alive. The Master of Swords teaches recruits to survive, to defend other Pathfinders, and to defeat the Society’s enemies. The swordmaster embodies these skills, focusing on practicality and ignoring ideals or methods that interfere with their ability to overcome any challenge.

PFS LimitedZephyr GuardDedication Feat 2

Source Pathfinder #149: Against the Scarlet Triad pg. 81
You are one of the Zephyr Guard, professional soldiers who protect Katapesh from military threats, economic sabotage, and elite thieves.