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PFS StandardDweomerweave RobeItem 2

Uncommon Illusion Invested Magical 
Source Grand Bazaar pg. 50
Price 25 gp
Usage worn clothing; Bulk L
This robe is made from dweomerweave, a magical fabric created by spinning minor illusions into the threads of ether spider silk. Dweomerweave is naturally hazy and translucent. It can take on the illusory appearances of other fabrics and garments, and dweomerweave robes are coveted by adventurers who want to travel light without compromising on fashion.

Activate 1 minute (Interact) Frequency once per day; Effect You gain the effects of a 1st-level illusory disguise except that the illusion only alters the appearance of the dweomerweave robe, changing it into another garment with an appearance of your choice. The spell persists until the next activation. You can Dismiss the activation.