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Ambling SurveyorVehicle 14

Rare Huge 
Source Guns & Gears pg. 98
Price 13,000 gp
This huge, magical clockwork rover moves on a continuous band of heavy treads, which make it easier to for the device to navigate across various adverse conditions. It contains magical clockwork birds which can transmit visual information back to the surveyor.
Space 15 feet long, 15 feet wide, 20 feet high
Crew 1 pilot, 2 crew; Passengers 7
Piloting Check Driving Lore (DC 32) or Crafting (DC 34)
AC 33; Fort +25
Hardness 20, HP 190 (BT 95); Immunities object immunities
Speed 15 feet (clockwork, magical)
Collision 8d12 (DC 30)
Continuous Track This vehicle travels on a continuous band of heavy treads driven by a series of gears and wheels, enabling it to travel over rugged land with ease. Earth, rock, rubble, slopes, and underbrush are not difficult terrain to an ambling surveyor. The ambling surveyor ignores difficult terrain from earth, rock, rubble, slopes, and underbrush, and greater difficult terrain caused by those features is normal difficult terrain to the ambling surveyor.
Sluggish This vehicle must move twice its length for each 90-degree turn it makes.
Survey (concentrate, divination, exploration, magical, manipulate, visual) Requirements The ambling surveyor is not in motion; Effect The pilot and crew release a collection of six clockwork birds, which spend two hours flying over the surrounding area within a 1-mile radius around the ambling surveyor. Everything the birds see is magically transmitted back to the ambling surveyor's crew as illusory images, which the crew must catalogue in real-time if they want to use the information to fully survey the area and create a map. After two hours, the birds return. The birds use the base statistics of clockwork spies if they are attacked, or if their Perception is important to determine what they can see, although they only perform the Survey action and they don't have any of the other abilities of a clockwork spy. Replacement birds cost 250 gp each. Wind-Up 10 minutes of wind-up, 1 hour of operational time, DC 32, standby