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Ravenous ReanimationRitual 7

Rare Evil Necromancy 
Source Bestiary 2 pg. 223 2.0
Cast 1 day; Cost valuable treasures from the target dragon’s hoard worth a total value of 50,000 gp
Primary Check Arcana (master), Occultism (master), or Religion (master)
Requirements You must be an evil dragon.
You destroy the gathered treasures with your breath weapon or other powerful magic, then invoke necromantic energies before you feed upon the charred and melted remains. As you do so, negative energy courses through your flesh, automatically killing you. Each individual ravener’s ravenous reanimation requires three to five unique additional components. Whether or not you return as a ravener depends on the success of the ritual.

Critical Success You immediately transform into a ravener upon finishing the ritual; your soul ward starts at full Hit Points (equal to 5 × your level).
Success You rise as a ravener 24 hours after completing the ritual, as long as your body remains relatively intact. When you rise as a ravener, your soul ward starts at 1 Hit Point.
Failure You rise as a ravener husk 24 hours after completing the ritual.
Critical Failure You die.