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The Deck of Destiny

The CrowsItem 20

This Item may contain spoilers from the Stolen Fate Adventure Path

Legacy Content

Unique Artifact Conjuration Invested Magical 
Source Pathfinder #192: Worst of All Possible Worlds pg. 73
Usage carried; Bulk
Suit Keys (Dex); Alignment neutral evil
The Crows represent taking things through violence or force, particularly when done through agility and swiftness rather than brawn. As long as The Crows is invested, you can attempt to Grapple targets with Acrobatics checks, and if you're at least trained in Thievery, to Disarm with Thievery checks. When you do so, you gain a +2 item bonus on the attempt, or a +3 item bonus if you're at least 17th level.

Activate [free-action] envision, Interact (teleportation); Frequency once per day; Effect You hold the card in your hand, and with a flick of the wrist it vanishes, only to be replaced by an object of your choice within 30 feet. The object must be 2 Bulk or less. If that object is unattended, it teleports into your hand automatically. If the object is attended by a creature, you must make a Thievery check against the creature's Reflex DC.

Critical Success The object teleports into your hand.
Success The object vanishes from the target's possession and lands on the ground at a point at a midway point between you two.
Failure The object does not vanish, but the creature's grip on it falters and if it doesn't spend an Interact action on its next turn to grip the item, it drops to the ground.
Critical Failure You fail to manipulate the object entirely.