Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 250
Items with this trait are artifacts. These magic items can't be crafted by normal means, and they can't be damaged by normal means. Artifacts are always rare or unique.


Affinity Stones, Ancestral Embrace, Aroden's Hearthstone, Axe of the Dwarven Lords, Blackaxe, Blade of Fallen Stars, Briar, Cane of the Maelstrom, Cayden's Tankard, Coldstar Pistols, Cube of Nex, Deck of Harrowed Tales, Deck of Many Things, Demon's Knot, Elder Sign, Essence Prism, Eye of the Wise, Final Blade, Forgefather's Seal, Forgotten Signet, Gauntlight, Gelid Shard, Ghosthand's Comet, Halcyon Heart, Horn of Rust, Horns of Naraga, Hunter's Dawn, Jahan Waystone, Kortos Diamond, Lesser Cube of Nex, Mirror of Sorshen, Oculus of Abaddon, Orb of Dragonkind, Ovinrbaane, Passage Pane, Perfected Robes, Philosopher's Extractor, Phoenix Fighting Fan, Phoenix Necklace, Primordial Flame, Radiant Spark, Redsand Hourglass, Ridill, Scale of Igroon, Serithtial, Shadewither Key, Shadowed Scale, the Jungle Secret, Shot of the First Vault, Soulspark Candle, Spear of the Destroyer's Flame, Sphere of Annihilation, Spiral Athame, Starfaring Cloak, Talisman of the Sphere, Tears of the Last Azlanti, The Avalanche, The Bear, The Beating, The Betrayal, The Big Sky, The Brass Dwarf, The Carnival, The Courtesan, The Cricket, The Crows, The Cyclone, The Dance, The Deck of Destiny, The Demon's Lantern, The Desert, The Eclipse, The Empty Throne, The Fiend, The Fool, The Forge, The Hidden Truth, The Inquisitor, The Joke, The Juggler, The Keep, The Lens of the Outreaching Eye, The Liar, The Locksmith, The Lost, The Marriage, The Midwife, The Mountain Man, The Owl, The Paladin, The Peacock, The Publican, The Queen Mother, The Rabbit Prince, The Rakshasa, The Sickness, The Silent Hag, The Snakebite, The Survivor, The Tangled Briar, The Teamster, The Theater, The Trader, The Trumpet, The Twin, The Tyrant, The Unicorn, The Uprising, The Vision, The Wanderer, The Waxworks, The Whispering Reeds, The Winged Serpent, Ursine Avenger Hood, Void Mirror, Whisperer of Souls


Ursine Avenger Form