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PFS StandardConch of Otherworldly SeasItem 12

Uncommon Magical Water 
Source Rage of Elements pg. 176
Price 1,850 gp
Usage held in 2 hands; Bulk L
Magical writing covers the surface of this beautiful conch shell, which emits a blue light from inside. A conch of otherworldly seas is a virtuoso handheld musical instrument that grants a +2 item bonus to Performance checks attempted while using it.

The conch is a planar key for interplanar teleport and similar magic to travel to the Plane of Water. When using it this way, you can attune it to the waters of your destination to make it more likely to arrive where you intend to be, appearing 1d6×25 miles from your intended destination instead of 1d10×25 miles away.

Activate—Voice of Oceans [one-action] (manipulate); Effect You hold the horn to your ear and can understand and speak Thalassic as long as it remains there.

Activate—Sounds of the Deep 10 minutes (concentrate, manipulate); Effect You hold the horn to your ear and touch the correct series of runes inscribed on its surface, causing the conch to cast a 5th-rank clairaudience spell for your benefit. Provided you choose a location that's underwater, you can extend the spell's range to 1 mile and hear with perfect clarity.