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Hunter's HagbookItem 9

This Item may contain spoilers from the Blood Lords Adventure Path

Legacy Content

Unique Fortune Grimoire Magical 
Source Pathfinder #182: Graveclaw pg. 77
Price 700 gp
Bulk L
This magical book has its official title, The Grimoire of Lady Jayne Cutter, written on an inside page in illuminated letters. Among occultists and other scholars, it's known by its colloquial name: the Hunter's Hagbook. The book is a grimoire created and used by a legendary Varisian monster hunter. The Hunter's Hagbook can hold 100 spells but the following spells are always present in the book, can't be removed from it, and count against the total: blind eye, blood duplicate, caster's imposition, hag's fruit, ritual obstruction, web of influence

When you attempt a saving throw against a coven spell, you can immediately end the duration of a spell affecting you that you prepared from this book. If you do, the result of your saving throw is one degree of success better than your roll (for example, a critical failure becomes a failure).