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PFS StandardShadow Magic Feat 12*

Legacy Content

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 192 2.0
Archetypes Shadowcaster, Shadowdancer
Prerequisites Shadowdancer Dedication
* This version of the Shadow Magic feat is intended for use with an Archetype and has a different level for access than the original feat.

You gain the ability to fuse and play with shadows by using focus spells specific to shadowdancers. You learn a shadowdancer focus spell of your choice: dance of darkness or shadow jump. If you don't already have one, you gain a focus pool of 1 Focus Point, which you can Refocus by meditating within an area of dim light or darkness. The rules for focus spells appear here.

Shadowdancer focus spells are occult spells. You become trained in occult spell attack rolls and spell DCs, and your spellcasting ability for these spells is Charisma.

Shadow Magic Leads To...

Additional Shadow Magic, Shadow Illusion, Shadow Power



This feat belongs to an archetype.