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PFS StandardCounter Thought [reaction] Feat 1

Legacy Content

Abjuration Occult Psychic 
Source Dark Archive pg. 24
Trigger A creature Casts a Spell with the mental trait.
Requirements You have an unexpended spell slot you could use to Cast a Spell with the mental trait.

When a foe Casts a Spell that has the mental trait and you can see its manifestations, you can use your own mental magic to disrupt it. You expend one of your spell slots to counter the triggering creature's casting of a spell with the mental trait. You lose your spell slot as if you had cast the triggering spell; this spell slot must be one for which you could Cast a Spell with the mental trait. You then attempt to counteract the triggering spell.



Effects and magic items with this trait are associated with the abjuration school of magic, typically involving protection or wards.


This magic comes from the occult tradition, calling upon bizarre and ephemeral mysteries. Anything with this trait is magical.