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PFS StandardAncestral GeometryItem 2

Legacy Content

Uncommon Abjuration Invested Magical Tattoo 
Source Treasure Vault pg. 119 1.1
Price 30 gp
Usage tattooed on the body; Bulk
Geometric precision and perfect angles signify that an artist with exemplary knowledge of dwarven tattooing traditions created this body art. Your family's ancestral stories, recited throughout the tattooing process, bind your blood even tighter to theirs. During your daily preparations, you manifest a visitation by an ancestor—possibly via a dream, a vision, or a magical trinket left by your bedroll. Roll 2d20 and record the highest result. Then roll 1d6 and note a type of saving throw: 1–2 Fortitude, 3–4 Reflex, and 5–6 Will.

In addition, until the next visitation, you gain a +1 item bonus to one Lore skill related to the ancestor, as determined by the GM. Usually, the ancestor provides a kind of knowledge they believe you'll need. For dwarven ancestors, the Lore skill is usually Architecture Lore, Engineering Lore, Genealogy Lore, Labor Lore, Mining Lore, Warfare Lore, or Lore about a dwarven deity.

Activate [reaction] envision (fortune); Frequency once per day; Trigger You rolled a saving throw of the noted type; Effect Replace the roll with the d20 roll from your ancestor's visitation.