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Ravening MawSpell 5

This Spell may contain spoilers from the Extinction Curse Adventure Path

Uncommon Evil Healing Necromancy 
Source Pathfinder #153: Life's Long Shadows pg. 67
Traditions divine, occult, primal
Cast [two-actions] somatic, verbal
Range 60 feet; Targets one living creature
Saving Throw Will; Duration 3 rounds
You evoke Zevgavizeb’s unceasing hunger and inflict it upon your target. The target becomes overwhelmed with cannibalistic hunger and can restore its vitality by feasting on the flesh of the fallen. On its turn, the target can use 2 actions (these actions have the manipulate trait) to cannibalize an adjacent dying or dead creature. If the cannibalized creature is dying, it dies. If the cannibalized creature is an ally of the target, the target regains 5d8 HP; otherwise, the target regains 5d4 HP. Certain monsters (such as those whose blood is acidic or magical) might inflict additional effects on those who cannibalize them at the GM’s discretion. Once cannibalized, a particular creature’s body doesn’t have enough meat to cannibalize again. During any round that there’s a dying or dead creature within 30 feet of the target, if the target can’t or doesn’t cannibalize a creature, the target takes 5d4 mental damage.

    Heightened (+1) The amount of HP restored by cannibalizing a creature increases by 1d8 for eating an ally and 1d4 otherwise, and the mental damage increases by 1d4.