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PFS StandardTales in TimberItem 10+

Invested Magical Wood 
Source Rage of Elements pg. 202
Price 850 gp
Usage worn armor; Bulk 2
Base Armor Wooden Breastplate
Dozens of pictorial stories—told in wood carvings, painting, or pyrography—adorn every outer surface of this +1 resilient wooden breastplate. All are old, and many truly ancient, depicting tales set eons ago on the Plane of Wood. You gain a +2 item bonus to Nature checks to Recall Knowledge. If you know the collective memories ritual, you can use Nature instead of Occultism if you're the primary caster.

Activate—Statue Disguise [two-actions] (NULL); Frequency once per day; Effect The armor makes you look like a wooden statue version of one of the creatures depicted on the armor for 1 hour. This is a 3rd-rank illusory disguise, but it can make you look like any creature depicted on the armor. This doesn't change your size or the capabilities of your body, and it scales the appearance of the creature to match yours. You can Dismiss the activation. This disguise is just real enough to make you somewhat closer to a creature of wood. You're affected by two spells while it lasts: oaken resilience and speak with plants. If you stand still, you gain a +2 item bonus to Deception checks and DCs to appear as an inanimate wooden statue, in addition to the status bonus to Deception from illusory disguise.

PFS StandardTales in TimberItem 10

Source Rage of Elements pg. 202
Price 1,000 gp
Bulk 2

PFS StandardTales in Timber (Greater)Item 13

Source Rage of Elements pg. 202
Price 2,800 gp
Bulk 2
The armor is +2 resilient wooden breastplate, and the oaken resilience is 4th rank.

PFS StandardTales in Timber (Major)Item 18

Source Rage of Elements pg. 202
Price 22,000 gp
Bulk 2
The armor is +2 greater resilient wooden breastplate, the item bonus to Nature checks is +3, and the oaken resilience is 6th rank.