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There is a Legacy version here.

PFS StandardMind ReadingSpell 3

Uncommon Concentrate Detection Manipulate Mental 
Source Player Core pg. 343
Traditions arcane, occult
Cast [two-actions]
Range 30 feet; Targets 1 creature
Defense Will; Duration 1 round or sustained up to 1 minute
With a cursory mental touch, you attempt to read the target's mind. It must attempt a Will save. The target then becomes temporarily immune to your mind reading for 1 hour.

Critical Success The target perceives vague surface thoughts from you when you Cast the Spell.
Success You find out whether the target's Intelligence modifier is higher than, equal to, or lower than yours.
Failure You perceive vague surface thoughts from the target when you Cast the Spell, and you find out whether its Intelligence is higher than, equal to, or lower than yours.
Critical Failure As failure, and for the duration of the spell, you can Sustain the spell to detect the target's surface thoughts again. The target doesn't receive any additional saves.