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PFS StandardSummon FeySpell 1

Source Core Rulebook pg. 375 4.0
Traditions occult, primal
Deity Gendowyn
Cast material, somatic, verbal
Range 30 feet
Duration sustained up to 1 minute
You conjure a fey to fight for you. This works like summon animal, except you summon a common creature that has the fey trait and whose level is –1, such as those below.

    Heightened (2nd) Level 1.
    Heightened (3rd) Level 2.
    Heightened (4th) Level 3.
    Heightened (5th) Level 5.
    Heightened (6th) Level 7.
    Heightened (7th) Level 9.
    Heightened (8th) Level 11.
    Heightened (9th) Level 13.
    Heightened (10th) Level 15.

    Level -1 Fey

    PFS StandardGrimple (CE), PFS StandardHaniver (CE), PFS StandardMitflit (LE), PFS StandardNyktera (NG), PFS StandardSprite (CN), PFS StandardTooth Fairy (CE)

    Level 0 Fey

    PFS StandardMelixie (CN), PFS StandardPugwampi (NE)

    Level 1 Fey

    PFS StandardBiloko Warrior (NE), PFS StandardBrownie (N), PFS StandardFuath (CE), PFS StandardGrig (CN), PFS StandardJinkin (CE), PFS StandardNaiad (CG), PFS StandardNixie (N), PFS StandardVexgit (LE)

    Level 2 Fey

    PFS StandardDomovoi (CG), PFS StandardLeprechaun (CN), PFS StandardNuglub (CE), Zrukbat (CN)

    Level 3 Fey

    PFS StandardDraxie (CG), PFS StandardDryad (CG), PFS StandardDvorovoi (CN), PFS StandardTooth Fairy Swarm (CE), PFS StandardTwigjack (CE), PFS StandardUnicorn (CG)

    Level 4 Fey

    PFS StandardBiloko Veteran (NE), PFS StandardKelpie (NE), PFS StandardOvinnik (CN), PFS StandardPixie (CN), PFS StandardSatyr (CN)

    Level 5 Fey

    PFS StandardGrimstalker (CE), PFS StandardGrodair (CN), PFS StandardLampad (CN), PFS StandardLurker In Light (NE), PFS StandardRedcap (CE)

    Level 6 Fey

    PFS StandardElananx (NE)

    Level 7 Fey

    PFS StandardEloko (NE), Gahlepod (CE)

    Level 8 Fey

    PFS StandardKishi (NE)

    Level 9 Fey

    PFS StandardHesperid (LN), PFS StandardNuckelavee (NE)

    Level 10 Fey

    Brughadatch (CE), PFS StandardNereid (CN)

    Level 12 Fey

    PFS StandardRusalka (NE)

    Level 13 Fey

    Doblagub (CE), PFS StandardMillindemalion (NE)

    Level 14 Fey

    PFS StandardAnkou (LE)

    Level 15 Fey

    PFS StandardMarrmora (NE)