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PFS StandardSummon AnimalSpell 1

Source Core Rulebook pg. 375 4.0
Traditions arcane, primal
Deities Baphomet, Chamidu, Lao Shu Po
Cast [three-actions] material, somatic, verbal
Range 30 feet
Duration sustained up to 1 minute
You conjure an animal to fight for you. You summon a common creature that has the animal trait and whose level is –1, such as those below. Heightening the spell increases the maximum level of creature you can summon.

    Heightened (2nd) Level 1.
    Heightened (3rd) Level 2.
    Heightened (4th) Level 3.
    Heightened (5th) Level 5.
    Heightened (6th) Level 7.
    Heightened (7th) Level 9.
    Heightened (8th) Level 11.
    Heightened (9th) Level 13.
    Heightened (10th) Level 15.

    Level -1 Animals

    PFS LimitedBeaver (N), PFS StandardBloodseeker (N), PFS StandardCommon Eurypterid (N), PFS StandardCompsognathus (N), PFS StandardEagle (N), PFS StandardFlash Beetle (N), PFS StandardGiant Centipede (N), PFS StandardGiant Rat (N), PFS StandardGuard Dog (N), PFS StandardMonkey (N), PFS StandardPufferfish (N), PFS StandardRaven (N), PFS StandardRed Fox (N), PFS StandardSkunk (N), PFS StandardSnapping Turtle (N), PFS StandardThree-Toed Sloth (N), PFS StandardTrilobite (N), PFS StandardViper (N), Vulture Rat (N), PFS StandardWeasel (N)

    Level 0 Animals

    Baccali Alpaca (N), PFS StandardBadger (N), PFS StandardBlue-Ringed Octopus (N), PFS StandardBottlenose Dolphin (N), PFS StandardDream Spider (N), PFS StandardGiant Maggot (N), Giant Worker Bee (N), Juvenile Boar (N), PFS StandardKangaroo (N), PFS StandardRiding Pony (N), PFS StandardRinghorn Ram (N), PFS StandardSea Snake (N), PFS StandardSpear Frog (N), PFS StandardSpider Swarm (N), PFS StandardStingray (N), PFS StandardVampire Squid (N), Whalesteed (N)

    Level 1 Animals

    PFS StandardBall Python (N), PFS StandardCamel (N), PFS StandardCave Scorpion (N), PFS StandardElectric Eel (N), Elk (N), PFS StandardGiant Cockroach (N), PFS StandardGiant Fly (N), PFS StandardGiant Frog (N), PFS StandardGiant Gecko (N), PFS StandardGiant Skunk (N), PFS StandardGiant Solifugid (N), PFS StandardGiant Tick (N), PFS StandardGoblin Dog (N), PFS StandardHippocampus (N), PFS StandardHunting Spider (N), PFS StandardHyena (N), PFS StandardManta Ray (N), PFS StandardRat Swarm (N), PFS StandardReef Octopus (N), PFS StandardRiding Dog (N), PFS StandardRiding Horse (N), Sarkorian Wolf (N), PFS StandardSquirrel Swarm (N), PFS StandardVampire Bat Swarm (N), PFS StandardVelociraptor (N), PFS StandardWar Pony (N), PFS StandardWolf (N), PFS StandardYzobu (N)

    Level 2 Animals

    Augdunar (N), PFS StandardBlack Bear (N), PFS StandardBlindheim (N), PFS StandardBoar (N), PFS StandardCave Fisher (N), PFS StandardCockroach Swarm (N), PFS StandardCrocodile (N), PFS StandardDeinonychus (N), PFS StandardFading Fox (N), PFS StandardGiant Ant (N), PFS StandardGiant Badger (N), PFS StandardGiant Bat (N), PFS StandardGiant Crab (N), PFS StandardGiant Flying Squirrel (N), PFS StandardGiant Leech (N), Giant Mining Bee (N), PFS StandardGiant Monitor Lizard (N), PFS StandardGiant Opossum (N), PFS StandardGiant Porcupine (N), PFS LimitedGiant Tapir (N), PFS StandardGiant Toad (N), Giant Tsetse Fly (N), PFS StandardGiant Viper (N), PFS StandardHippogriff (N), PFS StandardLeopard (N), PFS StandardMonkey Swarm (N), Olobigonde , PFS StandardPteranodon (N), PFS StandardRat Snake Swarm (N), PFS StandardRosethorn (N), PFS StandardShocker Lizard (N), PFS StandardSlurk (N), PFS StandardTerror Bird (N), PFS StandardWar Horse (N), PFS StandardWolverine (N)

    Level 3 Animals

    PFS StandardAnkhrav (N), PFS StandardBunyip (N), PFS LimitedCastoroides (N), PFS StandardCentipede Swarm (N), Chimpanzee Visitant (NE), PFS StandardDire Wolf (N), PFS StandardFen Mosquito Swarm (N), PFS StandardGiant Chameleon (N), PFS StandardGiant Dragonfly Nymph (N), Giant Flea (N), PFS StandardGiant Mantis (N), PFS StandardGiant Scorpion (N), PFS StandardGiant Seahorse (N), PFS StandardGiant Vulture (N), PFS StandardGiant Wasp (N), PFS StandardGiant Whiptail Centipede (N), PFS StandardGorilla (N), PFS StandardGrizzly Bear (N), PFS StandardHyaenodon (N), PFS StandardLion (N), PFS StandardMegalictis (N), PFS StandardMoose (N), PFS StandardNarwhal (N), PFS StandardPachycephalosaurus (N), PFS StandardPiranha Swarm (N), PFS StandardPlatecarpus (N), PFS StandardRaven Swarm (N), PFS StandardTrilobite Swarm (N), Ugvashi (N), PFS StandardWolliped (N)

    Level 4 Animals

    PFS StandardAmphisbaena (N), PFS StandardBison (N), PFS StandardBrood Leech Swarm (N), PFS StandardDaeodon (N), Damibwa (N), Draft Lizard (N), PFS StandardGiant Dragonfly (N), PFS StandardGiant Pangolin (N), PFS StandardGiant Stag Beetle (N), PFS StandardGiant Wolverine (N), PFS StandardGreat White Shark (N), PFS StandardGriffon (N), PFS StandardHadrosaurid (N), PFS StandardHermit Crab Swarm (N), PFS StandardOwlbear (N), Pinacosaurus (N), PFS StandardRhinoceros (N), PFS StandardScorpion Swarm (N), PFS StandardTerror Shrike (N), PFS StandardTiger (N), PFS StandardViper Swarm (N), PFS StandardWasp Swarm (N)

    Level 5 Animals

    Albino Giant Bat (N), PFS StandardArmy Ant Swarm (N), PFS StandardBore Worm Swarm (N), PFS StandardEmperor Cobra (N), Flea Swarm (N), PFS StandardGiant Frilled Lizard (N), PFS StandardGiant Hermit Crab (N), PFS StandardGiant Moray Eel (N), PFS LimitedGlyptodon (N), PFS StandardHippopotamus (N), Irriseni Owlbear (N), Lion Visitant (NE), PFS StandardMegatherium (N), PFS StandardOgre Spider (N), PFS StandardOrca (N), PFS StandardPolar Bear (N), PFS StandardSpiny Eurypterid (N)

    Level 6 Animals

    PFS StandardAnkylosaurus (N), PFS LimitedBlood Boar (NE), PFS StandardCave Bear (N), PFS StandardFire Jellyfish Swarm (N), PFS StandardGiant Mosquito (N), PFS StandardGiant Tarantula (N), PFS StandardIguanodon (N), PFS LimitedLong-Horned Bison (N), PFS StandardSmilodon (N), PFS StandardWoolly Rhinoceros (N)

    Level 7 Animals

    PFS StandardElasmosaurus (N), PFS StandardElephant (N), PFS LimitedEmpress Bore Worm (N), PFS StandardGiant Jellyfish (N), PFS StandardMegalania (N), PFS StandardQuetzalcoatlus (N), PFS StandardSportlebore Swarm (N), PFS StandardStegosaurus (N), PFS StandardZetogeki (N)

    Level 8 Animals

    PFS StandardAnancus (N), PFS StandardBulette (N), PFS StandardGiant Anaconda (N), PFS StandardGiant Octopus (N), PFS StandardKrooth (N), PFS StandardMegaprimatus (N), PFS StandardSlug (N), PFS StandardTriceratops (N), PFS StandardTylosaurus (N)

    Level 9 Animals

    PFS StandardAurumvorax (N), PFS StandardDeinosuchus (N), Enormous Dragonfly (N), PFS StandardGiant Snapping Turtle (N), PFS StandardGiant Squid (N), PFS StandardKhravgodon (N), PFS StandardMastodon (N), PFS StandardRoc (N), PFS StandardTick Swarm (N), PFS StandardTitan Centipede (N)

    Level 10 Animals

    PFS StandardBehemoth Hippopotamus (N), PFS StandardBrontosaurus (N), PFS StandardMammoth (N), PFS StandardTyrannosaurus (N)

    Level 11 Animals

    PFS StandardDeadly Mantis (N), PFS StandardGoliath Spider (N), PFS StandardSpinosaurus (N)

    Level 12 Animals

    PFS StandardFrost Worm (N)

    Level 13 Animals

    PFS StandardPurple Worm (N)

    Level 15 Animals

    PFS StandardBlack Scorpion (N)