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The Deck of Destiny

PFS RestrictedUrsine Avenger HoodItem 2

Legacy Content

Unique Artifact Invested Primal Transmutation 
Source Treasure Vault pg. 183 1.1
Usage worn; Bulk L
Note from Nethys: This item is a constituent part of the Ursine Avenger Hood archetype using the archetype artifact rules.

A gift passed from warrior to warrior, this cowl is made from a cave bear's skull and fur. Once invested, the wearer gains a +1 item bonus to Nature checks to Command an Animal, which increases to +2 if the animal is a bear. The wearer of the hood feels a constant longing for the wilderness and wild places and takes a –1 item penalty to all Diplomacy checks to Gather Information or Make an Impression if they go more than 5 days inside a large town or city without spending at least 4 hours in the wilderness.

Destruction Soak the Ursine Avenger Hood in the blood of a linnorm that is at least 16th level and then burn it in a fire that uses only oak and chrysanthemum as fuel.