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This section is intended to serve as a reference for GMs running the listed adventures. It will show all related Archetypes, Creatures, Feats, and Spells for a given adventure. It is not intended to be a replacement for the Sources section - if you are looking for a full list of everything that has come from an adventure, please check there.
Pathfinder #151: The Show Must Go OnSource Page


Juggler, Staff Acrobat


Abberton Ruffianpg. 9

Jaleenpg. 9

Rhovopg. 9

Bardolphpg. 12

Male grizzly bear

Giant Viperpg. 13

Viperpg. 13

Water Mephitpg. 13

Cannonopg. 14

Male grig

Cockatricepg. 14

Tarisiapg. 14

Female grig

Giant Ratpg. 15

Nemmia Bramblecloakpg. 15

Rat Swarmpg. 15

Boarpg. 20

Juvenile Boarpg. 20

Wasp Swarmpg. 20

Air Mephitpg. 21

Hunting Spiderpg. 21

Pruana Two-Punchpg. 22

Violetpg. 22

Abrikandilupg. 25

Items gray cloak, wooden religious symbol of Gozreh

Quasitpg. 25

Vermlekpg. 26

Pugwampipg. 27

Daring Danikapg. 28

Jellico Bounce-Bouncepg. 28

Leandruspg. 28

Mechanical Carnypg. 29

Viktor Volkanopg. 29

Snapping Flytrappg. 30

Earth Mephitpg. 31

Fire Mephitpg. 31

Slurkpg. 34

Corrupted Retainerpg. 35

Ebbernpg. 36

Corrupted retainer

Faldinorpg. 36

Corrupted retainer

Ghoulpg. 37

Smilerpg. 38

Corrupted Priest pg. 39

Yorilpg. 39

Female Corrupted Priest

Bakpg. 40

Corrupted Priest

Lessapg. 40

Corrupted Priest

Horbapg. 41

Female corrupted retainer
Melee [one-action] cleaver +9 (sweep, thrown 10 feet), Damage 1d6+2 slashing

Blood Wolfpg. 43

Carlessapg. 43

Female corrupted priest

Zephyr Hawkpg. 43

Smoldering Leopardpg. 44

Corrosive Lizardpg. 45

Enkrishapg. 45

Female corrupted retainer

Threndelpg. 45

Male corrupted priest

Xulgath Skulkerpg. 47

Xulgath Warriorpg. 47

Deinonychuspg. 49

Gargoylepg. 49

Gelatinous Cubepg. 49

Pinacosauruspg. 50

Velociraptorpg. 51

Ether Spiderpg. 52

Golgukanpg. 52

Male xulgath leader

Lakkai One-Fangpg. 52

Female xulgath leader
Skills Athletics +9, Crafting +6, Intimidation +6, Stealth +8
Items breastplate, greatpick, javelin (4), snare kit
Melee [one-action] greatpick +11 (fatal d12), Damage 1d10+6 piercing plus Weakening Strike

Vampire Bat Swarmpg. 52

Xulgath Bilebearerpg. 53

Grothlutpg. 54

Weak Invisible Stalkerpg. 54

Balennipg. 55

Ashagitpg. 56

Female xulgath leader

Cavnakashpg. 57

Pteranodonpg. 57

Injured Wing The pteranodon must end its turn on solid ground or it falls. This injury can be healed only by binding the wing for 2 weeks.

Cavnakashpg. 88

Nemmia Bramblecloakpg. 90


Bullying Staff, Focused Juggler, Juggle, Juggler Dedication, Levering Strike, Lobbed Attack, Opportune Throw, Pivot Strike, Quick Juggler, Reflexive Catch, Staff Acrobat Dedication, Staff Sweep, Whirlwind Stance


Catacomb Cave, Dream Pollen, Envenomed Thorns Trap


Breath of Drought, Personal Rain Cloud, Rime Slick, Scouring Sand, Sea Surge, Sudden Bolt, Unseasonable Squall
Pathfinder #152: Legacy of the Lost GodSource Page


Animal Trainer


Dire Wolfpg. 10

Wolfpg. 10

Elite Centipede Swarmpg. 11

Kallkekpg. 13

Male greater barghest
Wolf Empathy (divination, divine) Kalkek can communicate with lupines and gains a +2 circumstance bonus on Intimidation checks against lupines.
Melee [one-action] jaws +17, Damage 2d10+6 piercing plus 1d6 persistent bleed
Mutations Kalkek has two minor mutations: an uncanny empathy with wolves and a startlingly large grin that gives him a powerful, tearing bite.

Black Puddingpg. 14

Weak Will-o’-Wisppg. 14

Calimpg. 15

Ratfolk grenadier

Fidgetpg. 15

Ratfolk grenadier

Lishpg. 15

Ratfolk grenadier

Aives The Smoke Dragonpg. 16

Delamar Gianvinpg. 16

Ruanna Nyammapg. 17

Basiliskpg. 22

Gluttondark Babaupg. 23

Gibbering Moutherpg. 24

Xulgath Skulkerpg. 24

Xulgath Demon-Callerpg. 26

Xulgath Leaderpg. 26

Yaashkapg. 26

Male xulgath demon-caller

Givzibpg. 27

Female quasit

Xulgath Magepg. 27

Xulgath Spinesnapperpg. 27

Zunkripg. 27

Female xulgath mage

Ether Spiderpg. 29

Uzensshelpg. 30

Female xulgath demon-caller

Guardian of the Faithfulpg. 31

Elite giant animated statue
HP 90, fast healing 5; Hardness 10; Immunities bleed, death effects, disease, doomed, drained, fatigued, healing, mental, necromancy, nonlethal attacks, paralyzed
Divine Restoration Each day at dawn, if the guardian has been destroyed, it re-forms in this room. Its maximum Hit Points are permanently reduced by 10, but it is otherwise restored to its full, lower Hit Point total. Once the statue's maximum Hit Points would be 60 or fewer, it can no longer be restored in this manner and is permanently destroyed.

Redcappg. 33

Ulthadarpg. 33

Garzukaalpg. 34

Male xulgath mage

Poltergeistpg. 34

Clay Golempg. 38

Faceless Stalkerpg. 38

Wraithpg. 39

Kalagashpg. 40

Male xulgath demon-caller

Sarshellixpg. 40

Female xulgath mage

Triceratopspg. 40

Harnessed The triceratops's hauling harness impedes it, giving it the clumsy 1 condition until another creature uses an Interact action to free it from the harness.

Vrockpg. 40

Stone Maulerpg. 41

Shrashekpg. 42

Female xulgath demon-caller

Stegosauruspg. 42

Celestial Menagerie Bruiserpg. 47

Kagrudpg. 48

Male wererat carny

Adrivallopg. 49

Manticorepg. 50

Evora Yarketpg. 52

Gigipg. 53

Weak mammoth

Lamia Matriarchpg. 54

Giant Anacondapg. 55

Jasmailepg. 55

Female dandasuka trapeze artist

Smilodonpg. 55

Zuipnyrnpg. 55

Kreelpg. 56

Hill giant clowns

Pidkinpg. 56

Hill giant clowns

Darricus Stallitpg. 57

Mazaelpg. 59

Male aasimar redeemer

Mistress Dusklightpg. 59

Chief Constable Andera Paldreenpg. 88

Mistress Dusklightpg. 88

Ulthadarpg. 90


Animal Trainer Dedication, Beast Speaker, Insistent Command, Mature Trained Companion, Specialized Companion, Splendid Companion


Echoes of Faith, Ghost Crystal Cloud, Hallowed Wheel, Krooth Summoning Rune, Masks of Aroden's Guises, Maze of Mirrors, Quicksand, Thunderstone Cascade Trap, Yellow Mold


Clownish Curse, Favorable Review, Pyrotechnics
Pathfinder #153: Life's Long ShadowsSource Page


Golem Grafter, Turpin Rowe Lumberjack


Swardlands Delinquentpg. 15

Tanesse Fleerpg. 16

Bitter Truth Banditpg. 17

Bulettepg. 18

Shoony Tillerpg. 18

Bugul Nozpg. 19

Goliath Spiderpg. 20

Juvenile Goliath Spiderpg. 20

Giant tarantula

Pin Tingwheelypg. 20

Greater Nightmarepg. 21

Skarjapg. 21

Xulgath Skirmisherpg. 27

Xulgath Bomberpg. 28

Roperpg. 29

Darklands Alchemical Golempg. 30

Variant elite alchemical golem
Crystalline Construction Crafted in areas where glass is rare, the Darklands alchemical golem instead incorporates crystalline components. The golem's vulnerable to shatter ability functions only for shatter spells of at least 4th level.

Yagantypg. 34

Tyrannosauruspg. 35

Clay Golempg. 36

Stone Golempg. 36

Xulgath Stoneliegepg. 36

Jormir Grundrynpg. 37

Ghost mage
Rejuvenation (divine, necromancy) The ghosts are tied to this tower and can't enter the afterlife until another creature gains the reflection of stone from the aeon orb.

Luko Grundrynpg. 37

Ghost mage
Rejuvenation (divine, necromancy) The ghosts are tied to this tower and can't enter the afterlife until another creature gains the reflection of stone from the aeon orb.

Shulnpg. 38

Runkrunkpg. 39

Clay golem
Awakened Runkrunk has an Intelligence modifier of –2, a Nature skill of +16, and knows Common and Dwarven (but can't speak any language).

Counteflorapg. 46

Garkarpg. 48

Female xulgath stoneliege

Stone Maulerpg. 48

Elite Stone Golempg. 49

Ginjana Mindkeeperpg. 50

Headless Xulgathpg. 50

Resin-Seep Xulgathpg. 51

Krargekkisspg. 52

Male xulgath stoneliege

Thessekkapg. 53

Hooklimb Xulgathpg. 55

Ginjana Mindkeeperpg. 86

Skarjapg. 88

Thessekkapg. 90


Accursed Clay Fist, Axe Climber, Axe Thrower, Dig Quickly, Esteemed Visitor, Golem Grafter Dedication, Handy with Your Paws, Improvisational Defender, Improvisational Warrior, Iron Lung, Legs of Stone, Log Roll, Loyal Empath, Practiced Paddler, Quicken Heartbeat, Ravening's Desperation, Scamper Underfoot, Shoony Lore, Sodbuster, Steadfast Ally, Tough Tumbler, Turpin Rowe Lumberjack Dedication, Unrivaled Builder, Widen the Gap


Caustic Dart Trap, Raving Spirit


Ravening Maw
Pathfinder #154: Siege of the DinosaursSource Page


Giant Flytrappg. 7

Xulgath Herd-Tenderpg. 10

Elite Quetzalcoatluspg. 11

Triceratopspg. 12

Gahlepodpg. 15

Starved Staffpg. 16

Brughadatchpg. 17

Gimmerlingpg. 18

Doblagubpg. 19

Cauthoojpg. 21

Tyrannosauruspg. 23

Xulgath Roughriderpg. 23

Tallow Oozepg. 29

Grikkitogpg. 32

Sodden Sentinelpg. 32

Wight Cultistpg. 34

Shining Childpg. 35

Azure Wormpg. 36

Quelauntpg. 36

Ledorick Banyanpg. 39

Items Bokrug's Lashing Tail (+2 keen greater striking ranseur)
Melee [one-action] ranseur +29 (disarm, magical, reach), Damage 3d10+13 piercing
Possessed Ledorick is possessed by the dybbuk Lyrt Cozurn, and he is controlled by the dybbuk. However, Ledorick's personality is strong; each time Ledorick takes Hit Point damage, Lyrt takes half of this damage as well (reduced by his Resistances, if applicable).

Stirvyn Banyanpg. 39

Tashlock Banyanpg. 39

Lyrt Cozurn pg. 40

Xulgath Gutragerpg. 44

Brontosauruspg. 45

Carnotaurpg. 45

Weak tyrannosaurus
Speed 45 feet

War Sauropeltapg. 46

The Vanish Manpg. 47

Elite Sea Serpentpg. 48

Giant Aukashungipg. 49

Aukashungi Swarmpg. 50

Xilvirekpg. 50

Gugpg. 51

Impaled Ghoulspg. 51

Xilvirekpg. 53

Xulgath Hardscalepg. 53

Zashathal Head-Takerpg. 54

Arskuva The Gnasherpg. 55

Helg Eats-The-Eaterspg. 55

Qurashithpg. 59

Zashathal Head-Takerpg. 59

Fatigued Zashathal is fatigued and therefore can't Rage or use any of his rage abilities.

Helg Eats-The-Eaterspg. 86

Ledorick Banyanpg. 88

Zashathal Head-Takerpg. 90


Buzzing Latch Rune, Explosive Furniture Trap, Mukradi Summoning Runes, Poisoned Secret Door Trap, Spiked Barricade Trap


Blood Feast, Entrancing Eyes, Necrotic Radiation
Pathfinder #155: Lord of the Black SandsSource Page


Elite Cauthoojpg. 9

Pashfetpg. 9

Female weak ararda

Crystal Jackalpg. 10

Wemmuthpg. 11

Gogitethpg. 12

Irlgauntpg. 14

Warswornpg. 15

Iffdahsilpg. 16

Purple Wormpg. 16

Skavelingpg. 17

Urdefhan Hunterpg. 17

Astradaemonpg. 18

Urdefhan Dominatorpg. 18

War Champion Kharostanpg. 21

Crimson Wormpg. 28

Nefrethutpg. 29

Female ammut

Lesser Deathpg. 31

Obsidian Golempg. 31

Raptor Guardpg. 32

Vitaliapg. 32

Death Driderpg. 35

Zinogyvazpg. 35

Azure Wormpg. 38

Hollow Hushpg. 39

Drow Bodyguard Golempg. 40

Variant elite iron golem
Melee [one-action] iron sword +30 (forceful, magical, reach 10 feet), Damage 3d10+14 slashing

Qorminturpg. 41

Elite Gogitethpg. 46

Mukradipg. 46

Shraen Graveknightpg. 52

Dyzallin's Golempg. 54

Variant adamantine golem
Compact The adamantine golem has been built to resemble a bulky drow elf in full plate armor. It is Large in size and its fist Strike has a reach of 10 feet.

Cizapg. 56

Female banshee entertainer
Languages Elven, Undercommon Skills Acrobatics +31, Intimidation +32, Occultism +25, Performance +28

Nihirispg. 56

Female banshee entertainer
Languages Elven, Undercommon Skills Acrobatics +31, Intimidation +32, Occultism +25, Performance +30

Bonewhisperpg. 57


Elshekorpg. 57

Female marilith captain

Dyzallin Shraenpg. 58

Thunderstorm Defenderpg. 58

Elite uthul

Dyzallin Shraenpg. 86

War Champion Kharostanpg. 88

Qorminturpg. 90


Crushing Gate Trap, Host of Spirits, Imperious Darkside Mirror, Stabbing Sentinels, Witch-Priests' Curse


Blightburn Blast, Control Sand, Pillars of Sand
Pathfinder #156: The Apocalypse ProphetSource Page


Saurian Warmongerpg. 7

Saurian Worldwatcherpg. 7

Daumiethpg. 11

Elite morrigna psychopomp
Items wand of remove curse (9th level)

Convergent Giant Eaglepg. 13

Convergent Soldierpg. 14

Jiareffpg. 17

NG male half-elf hunter

Kimilekkipg. 17

Ice Linnormpg. 20

N male ice linnorm

Wendigopg. 20

Yesuvethpg. 20

Elite wendigo

The Bone Augurpg. 23

Languages Azlanti, Common, Dwarven, Kelish, Osiriani, Sylvan

Guthallathpg. 25

Adamantine Golempg. 29

Viskithrelpg. 30

Eilossehpg. 31

Female Elysian titan

Elysian Sheeppg. 32

Astradaemonpg. 34

Xulgath Thoughtmawpg. 34

Thanatotic Titanpg. 36

Urushilpg. 37

Elite marilith
Items belt of regeneration, +3 major resilient breastplate, +3 major striking longsword
AC 45; Fort +34, Ref +32, Will +30; +1 status to all saves vs. magic
HP 410; Weaknesses cold iron 15, good 15
Melee [one-action] cold iron silver longsword +38 (evil, magical, reach 10 feet, versatile P), Damage 4d8+18 slashing plus 1d6 evil

Vavakiapg. 38

Linnorm of the Lakepg. 39

Elite tarn linnorm

Barking Stagpg. 40

Shanchekpg. 44

Female xulgath thoughtmaw
Items +2 resilient leather armor, +2 striking spear, staff of the magi
Melee [one-action] staff +30 (magical, two-hand d8), Damage 4d4+10 bludgeoning

Weighs-The-Epochspg. 50


Ihdorpg. 54

Elite marilith

Rixvirpg. 54

Elite balor
Items bracers of armor type III, longsword

Kirosthrekpg. 56

Sarvel Ever-Hungerpg. 56

Kendley Nathrael pg. 86

Kirosthrekpg. 88

Sarvel Ever-Hungerpg. 90


Annihilating Swing, Astonishing Explosion, Banishing Blow, Denier of Destruction, Endurance of the Rooted Tree, Mimic Protections, Reclaim Spell, Reflecting Riposte, Ringmaster's Introduction, Steal Essence, Tenacious Blood Magic, Verdant Presence


Angry Vegetation, Axiomatic Polymorph Trap, Convergence Lattice, Guthallath Rockslide, Suffering Xulgaths, Thief's Trap


Astral Labyrinth, Deluge, Devour Life, Prying Survey, Undermine Reality, Upheaval