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This section is intended to serve as a reference for GMs running the listed adventures. It will show all related Archetypes, Creatures, Feats, and Spells for a given adventure. It is not intended to be a replacement for the Sources section - if you are looking for a full list of everything that has come from an adventure, please check there.
Stolen Fate Player's GuideSource Page




Benevolent Spirit Deck, Experienced Harrower, Harrow Casting, Harrow Ritualist, Harrower Dedication, Reading the Signs, Restore Omen, Vengeful Spirit Deck


Invoke the Harrow, Rewrite Possibility, Unraveling Blast
Pathfinder #190: The ChoosingSource Page


Ferrugonpg. 10

Osyluthpg. 10

Mercenary Assassinpg. 17

Vharnev The Butcherpg. 20

Dieral Myrnesepg. 21

Unique Elf Humanoid 
N male elf fence
Skills Fortune-Telling Lore +15

Havvzipg. 21

Uniila devil

Raskuspg. 26

Rebelspg. 26

Human and tengu trackers

Skawnakpg. 26

Unique Humanoid Tengu 
NG Tengu bounty hunter

Mivanian Soldierpg. 27

Vrockpg. 28

Zashuvinpg. 28

Female hurlilu
Items The Big Sky, ruby religious symbol of Pazuzu worth 750 gp

Oppalipg. 31

Sedisseraxpg. 31

Female adult cloud dragon

Bhanyada Swarmpg. 34

Arraseeshpg. 35

Unique Human Humanoid 
Nonbinary human captain of the guard
HP 95 (currently 15)

Bhanyada Behemothpg. 35

Bhanyada Scavengerpg. 35

Scaleseed Nagajipg. 37

Giant Flytrappg. 38

Kannijopg. 39

Centaurpg. 41

Rohrry Gray-Eyespg. 41

Unique Beast 
N Female elite centaur

Taiga Giantpg. 42

Shaldar Falls-Farpg. 49

Shoanti Scoutpg. 49

Human tracker

Blade Mercenarypg. 52

Endlo Kiverpg. 52

Jargikkapg. 52

Unique Earth Giant Humanoid 
Female elite stone giant mercenary

Harpy Warbirdpg. 53

Sorcerous Skull Swarmpg. 53

Queen Kawlinawkpg. 55

Mukradipg. 56

Leng Spiderpg. 57

Shining Childpg. 57

Blade Maguspg. 60

Arodethpg. 62

Aurumvoraxpg. 62

Raflin Dorrumpg. 62

Unique Human Humanoid 
Male human Blade magi

Ndedepg. 65

Male popobawa
Skills Ndede has Crafting +24 instead of a Lore skill.
Occult Innate Spells Ndede has already used his dominate spell today to maintain his control of Arodeth's bodyguard, Raflin.

Cavalry Troopspg. 67

Elite Hellknight cavalry brigade

Drustanpg. 67

Munagolapg. 67

Arodeth, Disillusioned Mercenary Company Leaderpg. 91

Drustan, Tyrannical Chelaxian Noble In Exilepg. 93


Falling Stars, Guardian Mural, Stage Fire
Pathfinder #191: The Destiny WarSource Page


All-Seeing Hajeckpg. 6

Wrath Riotpg. 8

Fate's Prophetpg. 9

Demonic Rabblepg. 10

Rancorous Priesthoodpg. 10

Torgralpg. 10

Male ghalzarokh
Items The Uprising

Vorvokpg. 10

Male hezrou

Demongate Colossuspg. 12

The Shadow Princepg. 13

Alchemical Blobpg. 23

Elite carnivorous blob

Crystal Sentinelpg. 23

Ghalzarokhpg. 24

Hezroupg. 24

Nalfeshneepg. 24

Hadi Mobpg. 26

Hadi Tafenpg. 26

Elite ratfolk

Trexima Butoipg. 28

Feral Skull Swarmpg. 29

Iketsupg. 29

Elite hollow serpent

Arcane Living Runepg. 31

Radiant Wardenpg. 31

Quoppopak Mummypg. 34

Aquatic Viper Vinepg. 36

Rare Aquatic Plant 
Variant viper vines
Speed 20 feet, swim 20 feet

Markish Aghayareapg. 37

Drenodrozpg. 40

Male marilith

Xiuli Cachupg. 40

Arzuupg. 42

Crystalline Sentinelpg. 42

Vehanezhadpg. 44

Bernaditipg. 50

Male storykin raja rakshasa

Shadow Giantpg. 51

Voricosepg. 52

Ticktockpg. 53

Blood-Pear Treepg. 55

Algon the Ever-Keepingpg. 56

Male vincuvicar velstrac

Mollypg. 57

Female dwarf surgeon

Dislocated Tormentedpg. 58

Jotund Trollpg. 58

Marzalee the Stitcherpg. 58

Female ephialtes velstrac

Remnantspg. 61

Elite nemhaith

Sonnoraepg. 61

Ixeraripg. 66

Agender katpaskir
Items greater breastplate of command

Morgaranpg. 68

Ornakpg. 69

Nalfeshnee demon

The Prince Of Wolvespg. 69

Vazmorakilpg. 69

Glabrezu demon

Xespardupg. 69

Nalfeshnee demon

All-Seeing Hajeck, Reincarnated Visionary Charlatanpg. 88

The Prince Of Wolves, Abyssal Crime Lordpg. 90

Ulsiket, Friendly Pactmaster Agentpg. 92

Guardian Aluumpg. 93


Axuma's Awakening, Axuma's Vigor


Cannibalistic Echoes, Cluster Heart, Maggot Pit, Rogue Sphere, Shadow Maze, Smith's Skull
Pathfinder #192: Worst of All Possible WorldsSource Page


The Traderpg. 6

Unique Construct 
N Variant fabled harrowkin
Items strange map of Golarion
Harrowkin Suit Books
Check the Stock (concentrate, conjuration, teleportation) The Trader travels into an extradimensional storeroom which houses a nearly unlimited stock of merchandise for sale. He spends 1 minute within the storeroom and emerges with a single item in hand. The storeroom typically has all common items of 15th level or lower available, which he can sell at a normal price. Given enough time—usually 1 week—he can find any common item of up to 20th level to add to his storeroom, or an uncommon item of up to 12th level, at the GM's discretion. The Trader is the only creature able to enter his storeroom; all attempts by other creatures to travel there automatically fail.
Occult Innate Spells Add plane shift (self only) and 8th-level teleport (self only) to spells known.

Sturzstromerpg. 11

The Crowspg. 13

Unique Construct 
N Variant fabled harrowkin
Harrowkin Suit Keys
Rowdy Tussle [one-action] The Crows begin to roughhouse and knock about all creatures around them. They attempt a single Athletics check to Shove all adjacent creatures. The result of this roll is determined against the creatures' Fortitude DCs.

The Peacockpg. 13

Unique Construct 
N Variant fabled harrowkin
Harrowkin Suit Keys
Color-Draining Plumage Display [two-actions] (enchantment, occult) The Peacock opens it plumage in an attempt to drain the color and mobility from others. Creatures within 30 feet of the Peacock must attempt a DC 36 Will save. On a failure, creatures become slowed 1 for 1 round (slowed 2 on a critical failure) as color drains from their bodies and they endure the sensation of being slowly petrified.

The Winged Serpentpg. 13

Unique Construct 
N Variant fabled harrowkin
Harrowkin Suit Stars
Interpose Tail [reaction] Trigger A creature within 15 feet uses a move action or leaves a square during a move action it's using; Effect The Winged Serpent uses its tail to attempt to Trip the triggering creature. On a success, the triggering movement is disrupted and the creature is Tripped as normal.

The Cricketpg. 16

Unique Construct 
N Variant fabled harrowkin
Harrowkin Suit Keys
Cricket Step [one-action] Frequency once per round; Effect The Cricket bounds without a care. He Strides and doesn't trigger reactions due to movement as part of this Stride. If he ends his movement next to a creature, he can Strike that creature.

The Inquisitorpg. 17

Unique Construct 
N Variant fabled harrowkin
Harrowkin Suit Books
Silencing Strike [one-action] (enchantment, occult) Frequency once per round; Effect The Inquisitor attacks a foe with the intent of putting an end to their words. He makes a Strike. On a hit, the creature becomes magically silenced for 1 round. Any attempts to use an auditory action or a verbal component requires a successful DC 10 flat check or the action is lost. If the Inquisitor's Strike was a critical hit, the DC is 15.

The Teamsterpg. 17

Unique Construct 
N Variant fabled harrowkin
Harrowkin Suit Shields
Bite Them! [one-action] Frequency once per round; Effect The Teamster commands his two phantasmal geckos to come to his aid and attack a foe within 30 feet that the Teamster can see. The geckos attempt two Strikes against the same target. These Strikes resolve using the Teamster's greatsword melee Strike, and use the Teamster's normal multiple attack penalty, but combine their damage for the purposes of resistances and weaknesses.

The Wandererpg. 17

Unique Construct 
N Variant fabled harrowkin
Harrowkin Suit Books
Heavy Lifter The Wanderer can carry up to twice the normal amount of Bulk before becoming encumbered.

Sickened Doprillupg. 19

Mighty Bul-Gaepg. 20

The Courtesanpg. 24

Unique Construct 
N Variant fabled harrowkin
Harrowkin Suit Crowns
Change Faces [two-actions] (illusion, occult) The Courtesan removes their mask and replaces it with one depicting a specific person. This grants the Courtesan the effects of an 8th-level illusory disguise. The Courtesan doesn't need to have seen the individual person depicted on the mask.

The Queen Motherpg. 24

Unique Construct 
N Variant fabled harrowkin
Harrowkin Suit Stars
Summon Servants [three-actions] (conjuration, occult) Frequency once per day; Effect The Queen Mother calls forth dozens of her servants. These servants can speak the same languages as the Queen Mother. She can command her servants as a free action, and they can undertake the same basic actions as an unseen servant. On the Queen's command, the servants can gather into a troop to protect their queen in a process that takes 1 round (use statistics for a terra-cotta garrison). The servant troop fights to the death to defend their queen.

The Unicornpg. 24

Unique Construct 
N Variant fabled harrowkin
Harrowkin Suit Stars
Occult Innate Spells Add 7th-level heal, two castings of 5th-level heal, and three castings of 3rd-level heal to spells known.

The Dancepg. 28

Unique Construct 
N Variant fabled harrowkin
Harrowkin Suit Keys
Graceful Steps The Dance doesn't provoke reactions due to her movement whenever she Strides.

The Foolpg. 28

Unique Construct 
N Variant fabled harrowkin
Harrowkin Suit Books
Immunities controlled, stupefied; Resistances mental 20
Overly Trusting The Fool naively assumes a lack of ill intent from everyone they meet. They take a –4 penalty to their Will DC against checks to Coerce, Demoralize, Make an Impression, and Request.

The Jokepg. 28

Unique Construct 
N Variant fabled harrowkin
Harrowkin Suit Books
Distressing Joke [two-actions] (auditory, enchantment, linguistic, occult) The Joke shares a wisecrack with a particularly torturous punchline. All non-harrowkin within 30 feet that hear the joke must attempt a DC 36 Will save. On a failure, the creature is so upset by the joke that they grow physically ill, becoming slowed 1 (slowed 2 on a critical failure) for 1 minute. The Joke can't use Distressing Joke again for 1d4 rounds.
Occult Innate Spells Add three castings of hideous laughter to spells known.

The Twinpg. 28

Unique Construct 
N Variant fabled harrowkin
Harrowkin Suit Crowns
Help Themselves [three-actions] Frequency once per minute; Effect The Twin tasks its other half to aid themselves in combat. Until the start of their next turn, the Twins work together, providing flanking for themselves against all enemies within their reach. Flanking with themselves in this way is the same as flanking with an ally and so is subject to effects like all-around vision or the deny advantage class feature.
Occult Innate Spells Add three castings of mirror image to spells known.

Astradaemonpg. 31

Phasmadaemonpg. 31

Purrodaemonpg. 31

Zellara Esmerandapg. 31

Ildamirpg. 35

Bolti Sorrinsonpg. 38

Jismur the Boldpg. 39

Elite nornhound

Nornhoundpg. 39

The Keeperpg. 40

Audvinpg. 41

Tarn linnorm

Svarýr Soldierpg. 42

Svarýr Commanderpg. 43

Gegnirpg. 44

Speaker Of Svarýrpg. 46

Last Guardpg. 47

Diskrasia the Sharppg. 53

Unique Fey 
LN Female norn
Shred Thread [one-action] (divination, occult) Requirements Diskrasia's previous action this turn was to Snip Thread; Effect Diskrasia takes the cut portion of thread and further ravages it, causing the creature's mind to fall into disarray as they lose sight of their future. The target of Diskrasia's Snip Thread must attempt a DC 42 Will save.
Critical Success The target is unaffected.
Success The target's mind reels momentarily. They become stunned 1.
Failure The target's mind becomes clouded. They become stunned 2, stupefied 1, and confused.
Critical Failure The shock of the suddenly muddled future overwhelms the target. They become stunned 3, stupefied 2, and confused.

Fabrina the Spinsterpg. 53

Unique Fey 
LN Female norn
Declare Fate [one-action] (divination, misfortune, occult, prediction) Fabrina quickly consults her thread about a creature within 60 feet. Roll a d20 and note the result. Until the start of her next turn, whenever the target is about to attempt a check (but before the roll is made), Fabrina can use a reaction to force the creature to use the noted result instead. If she doesn't or is unable to force the creature to use the result by the start of her next turn, the noted result is lost and Fabrina takes 6d6 mental damage from the strain that the unfulfilled fate creates. Regardless of whether or not Fabrina can substitute her result, the creature becomes temporarily immune to Declare Fate for 1 minute.

Hala the Rodpg. 53

Unique Fey 
LN Female norn
Reel Thread [two-actions] (divination, incapacitation, mental, occult)
Hala pulls back a portion of golden thread related to a creature within 100 feet. As the thread frays, the creature is forced to relive that instant of their life. The targeted creature attempts a DC 42 Will save. It then becomes temporarily immune to Reel Thread for 1 minute.
Critical Success The target is unaffected.
Success The target is momentarily distracted as the moment replays in their mind. They become stupefied 1 until the end of their turn.
Failure The target is compelled to relive their most recent moments. Whatever actions the target uses on their next turn, they must repeat on their following turn. The actions must be repeated in the same order and as close to the same specifics as possible. For example, if the target makes an attack, they must repeat the attack against the same creature, if possible, and if the target moves, they must move the same distance and direction, if possible, on their next turn. If the target can't repeat an action, such as Casting a Spell that has been exhausted or needing to target a creature that has died, they can act as they choose for that action but become stupefied 1 until the end of their turn.
Critical Failure As failure, except the creature takes a –2 circumstance penalty to all checks they attempts when they repeats their actions.

The Betrayalpg. 57

Obcisidaemonpg. 58

Variant Purrodaemonpg. 58

Olethrodaemonpg. 59

Variant Phasmadaemonpg. 59

Raven Nicolettapg. 61

Raven Nicoletta, Thief Of Fatepg. 88

Zellara Esmeranda, Harrowed Soul And Teacherpg. 90


The Avalanche, The Eclipse