Source Core Rulebook pg. 631 2.0
Effects with the earth trait either manipulate or conjure earth. Those that manipulate earth have no effect in an area without earth. Creatures with this trait consist primarily of earth or have a magical connection to that element. Planes with this trait are mostly solid, with caverns and other hollow pockets.


Crystal Shards, Earthglide Cloak, Ring of Stoneshifting, Shoony Shovel, Stoneraiser Javelin, Wayfinder


Terraforming Spell

Focus Spells

Hurtling Stone, Localized Quake


Adult Copper Dragon, Adult Crystal Dragon, Adult Sovereign Dragon, Ancient Copper Dragon, Ancient Crystal Dragon, Ancient Sovereign Dragon, Animated Statue, Ararda, Bauble Beast, Carnivorous Crystal, Cavern Troll, Cobbleswarm, Consonite Choir, Dalos, Desert Drake, Duende, Dust Mephit, Earth Mephit, Earth Wisp, Earthen Destrier, Elemental Avalanche, Gargoyle, Giant Animated Statue, Granite Glyptodont, Grikkitog, Guecubu, Hill Giant, Irlgaunt, Jungle Drake, Lampad, Lampad Queen, Lerritan, Living Boulder, Living Landslide, Mudwretch, Ooze Mephit, Sand Sentry, Shaitan, Sod Hound, Stone Giant, Stone Mauler, Sturzstromer, Stygira, Xorn, Young Copper Dragon, Young Crystal Dragon, Young Sovereign Dragon, Zaramuun, Zetogeki


Plane of Earth


Cataclysm, Control Sand, Earthquake, Expeditious Excavation, Meld into Stone, Passwall, Pillars of Sand, Pummeling Rubble, Scouring Sand, Shape Stone, Shattering Gem, Shifting Sand, Shockwave, Spike Stones, Stone Tell, Stone to Flesh, Stoneskin, Transmute Rock and Mud, Upheaval, Wall of Stone