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PFS StandardWeaken EarthSpell 1

Concentrate Earth Manipulate 
Source Rage of Elements pg. 97
Traditions arcane, primal
Cast [two-actions]
Range touch; Targets 1 creature, unattended object, or hazard or structure made of stone or earth
Defense Fortitude; Duration 1 minute
You weaken the bonds that hold earth and stone together. If your target has Hardness, you can affect one contiguous object, up to a 5-foot cube, or one creature, decreasing the Hardness by 5, to a minimum of 0. If the target lacks Hardness, it gains weakness 3 to physical damage. A target with a Fortitude modifier can attempt a Fortitude saving throw, negating the effect on a success.

    Heightened (+2) Hardness decreases by 5, the size of a contiguous object increases by one 5-foot cube, and the weakness increases by 3.