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PFS StandardEntwined RootsSpell 5

Concentrate Manipulate Wood 
Source Rage of Elements pg. 196
Traditions arcane, primal
Cast 1 minute
Area 20-foot burst; Targets up to 5 willing living creatures
Duration 10 minutes
Slithering roots gird you and your allies in layers of flexible wooden protection. Each affected creature gains resistance 5 to bludgeoning and piercing damage. Whenever a creature protected by these roots is targeted by a ranged weapon attack but takes no damage (such as if the attack missed or the damage was reduced to 0 by resistance), the roots snatch up the ammunition or thrown weapon and hold it. The protected creature can retrieve the thrown weapon or ammunition as an Interact action.

    Heightened (7th) The resistances increase to 10.
    Heightened (9th) The resistances increase to 15.