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Duelist's Blazon

Source Treasure Vault pg. 202 1.1
Aspects emotion (pride) and luck
A duelist's blazon set relic was once used by a legendary swordmaster, absorbing their verve, tenacity, and daring. Though each set contains the same items, they all have unique styles, from the elegant, rose-themed decor of the blazon of Taldan swashbuckler Miralla d'Asivran to the spiked sword and attire of Kuthonite maestro duelist Essinte Zaim. Duelists have been known to challenge one another over the set's components.
Set Items: +1 rapier (level 2), quick runner's shirt (level 5), winged boots (level 10), invisible chain shirt (level 13), mercurial mantle (level 18)
Gifts: The set grants the following gifts.
The set grants the following features.
  • Two Items: You can use dominant emotion at will.
  • Three Items: You can use whammy one additional time per day, but a creature affected by it is temporarily immune for 24 hours.
  • Four Items: When you use steal luck and get a success or critical success, you're quickened until the end of your next turn.
  • Five Items: If dominant emotion or emotion conduit counteract an effect, the target gains a brief surge of luck in the form of a d20 they can add to another single d20 roll, taking the highest result. Until used, this die remains with the target until their next daily preparations, and the target can't gain another die from this effect until after that time. Using the die is a fortune effect.