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PFS StandardDragon Eidolon

Astral Dragon Eidolon 
Source Secrets of Magic pg. 64 1.1
Because dragons have a strong connection to magic, their minds can often leave an echo floating in the Astral Plane. Such an entity is extremely powerful but unable to interact with the outside world on its own. Dragon eidolons manifest in the powerful, scaled forms they had in life; most take the form of true dragons (albeit smaller), but some manifest as drakes or other draconic beings. You have forged a connection with such a dragon eidolon and together, you seek to grow as powerful as an ancient wyrm.
Tradition Arcane
Traits (Variable) one more (see Breath Weapon below)
Home Plane Astral Plane
Size Medium
Suggested Attacks claw (slashing), jaws (piercing), horn (piercing), tail (bludgeoning), wing (bludgeoning)
Cunning Dragon Str 12, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 12; +1 AC (+4 Dex cap)
Marauding Dragon Str 18, Dex 14, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 10; +2 AC (+3 Dex cap)
Skills Arcana, Intimidation
Senses darkvision
Languages Draconic
Speed 25 feet
Eidolon Abilities Initial breath weapon; Symbiosis draconic frenzy; Transcendence wyrm's breath

Breath Weapon

Your eidolon has a powerful breath weapon, which they are able to use regularly to wreak havoc upon your foes. They gain the Breath Weapon activity. Choose a damage type from among acid, cold, electricity, fire, negative, piercing, or poison, and choose whether the area is a 60-foot line or a 30-foot cone. Unless you chose piercing damage, both Breath Weapon and your eidolon gain the trait matching the damage type.

Breath Weapon [two-actions]

Arcane Eidolon Evocation 
Source Secrets of Magic pg. 64 1.1
Your eidolon exhales a blast of destructive energy. Your eidolon deals 1d6 damage to all creatures in the area, with a basic Reflex save against your spell DC. The area and damage type of the Breath Weapon are chosen when the eidolon gains this ability. Your eidolon then can't use their Breath Weapon again for the next 1d4 rounds.

At 3rd level and every 2 levels thereafter, the damage increases by 1d6.

Draconic Frenzy7th

Your eidolon can make a furious assault, potentially recovering the use of their Breath Weapon. They gain the Draconic Frenzy activity.

Draconic Frenzy [two-actions]

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 64 1.1
Your eidolon makes one Strike with their primary unarmed attack and two Strikes with their secondary unarmed attack (in any order). If any of these attacks critically hits an enemy, your eidolon instantly recovers the use of their Breath Weapon.

Wyrm's Breath17th

Your eidolon can draw upon the power of wyrms to enhance the eidolon's Breath Weapon. Your eidolon gains the Wyrm's Breath free action.

Wyrm's Breath [free-action]

Concentrate Eidolon 
Source Secrets of Magic pg. 64 1.1
Frequency once per minute
Your eidolon gathers the power of the mightiest wyrms to make its magical breath even more spectacular. If your eidolon's next action is to use Breath Weapon, both the number of damage dice and area of the Breath Weapon are doubled.