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PFS StandardTroll HideItem 15

Alchemical Healing 
Source Treasure Vault pg. 65 1.1
Price 6,000 gp
Usage worn armor; Bulk 2
Activate Interact
Tissue from a living troll has been integrated through this hide armor. This armor has two organic receptacles on its back that can each hold a single elixir of life. One elixir takes 3 Interact actions to install. For the armor to function properly, each elixir must be the same level. A loaded suit of troll hide can be activated, causing regenerating tissue from the armor to fill your wounds. At the start of each round, you regain Hit Points equal to the level of the loaded elixirs. Each time you regain at least 13 Hit Points from the armor, you regrow one damaged or ruined organ. During a round that you regain 9 or more Hit Points from the armor, you can reattach severed body parts by spending an Interact action to hold the body part to the area it was severed from. If you take acid or fire damage, the armor deactivates until the end of your next turn. In the event the armor itself is damaged, it will restore its own Hit Points before it resumes healing you. The regeneration lasts for 8 rounds. Once activated, the armor can't be deactivated. The armor uses up the elixirs of life during the duration and can't be activated again until two new ones are installed.