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Alkenstar CannonItem 15

Legacy Content

Rare Huge Mounted 
Source Guns & Gears pg. 176
Price 12,000 gp; Ammunition scattershot barrels (25 gp, 5 Bulk)
Usage mounted (black powder); Space 18 feet long, 7 feet wide, 8 feet high
Crew 4-6; Proficiency martial
AC 32; Fort +26; Ref +18
Hardness 15; HP 200 (BT 100); Immunities object immunities
Speed 10 feet (pushed or pulled)
Named for Ancil Alkenstar, this bronze cannon is one of the largest pieces of mobile artillery ever deployed, though its immense weight limits just how mobile it actually is. The barrel of an Alkenstar cannon is nearly 3 feet in diameter, making it impractical to manufacture and handle cannonballs of sufficient size. Instead, Alkenstar cannons spray buckshot in a similar way to blunderbusses, firing large barrels that break apart mid-flight and release a rain of scattershot over a massive area. The slow movement and short range make this siege weapon fit fewer situations than most, but when used effectively, such as to stop a charge of Mana Waste mutants against the walls of Alkenstar, the results are devastating.
Aim [three-actions] 50 feet, minimum distance 50 feet
Load [three-actions] (manipulate) 3 times, requires a successful DC 20 Athletics check
Launch [two-actions] (manipulate, range increment 50 feet) 10d12 bludgeoning, 50-foot burst, DC 33 Reflex