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PFS StandardPaired Link Feat 4

Legacy Content

Divination Esoterica Fortune Occult Thaumaturge 
Source Dark Archive pg. 44

You break a trinket such as a lodestone or jade pendant in two, creating a sympathetic link between the halves that bridges distance. During your daily preparations, you perform a short ceremony where you gift one of the two halves to a willing ally. On that ally, you can cast spells and use thaumaturge abilities that have a range of touch at a range of 30 feet instead, and the ally can cast spells that have a range of touch on you from a range of 30 feet. These effects last as long as you and the ally have their half; if either half leaves either of your possession for even a moment, or if you establish a link with a new ally during your next daily preparations, the link breaks.

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The divination school of magic typically involves obtaining or transferring information, or predicting events.


The esoterica trait is present in many thaumaturge feats and class features that incorporate the various talismans, supernatural trinkets, and other objects you carry with you. Abilities that have the esoterica trait require you to be in possession of your esoterica to use them. Normally, you're assumed to always have your esoterica with you, but in some rare circumstances, you might either not have them on hand or have your gear stripped from you.


A fortune effect beneficially alters how you roll your dice. You can never have more than one fortune effect alter a single roll. If multiple fortune effects would apply, you have to pick which to use. If a fortune effect and a misfortune effect would apply to the same roll, the two cancel each other out, and you roll normally.


This magic comes from the occult tradition, calling upon bizarre and ephemeral mysteries. Anything with this trait is magical.