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Chapter 11: Crafting & Treasure

Worn Items

Source Core Rulebook pg. 603 4.0
This section includes magic items you wear. Most have the invested trait, which means you can wear no more than 10 (page 531). Worn items include the following subcategories, with special rules appearing at the start of the section.

Apex Items

Source Core Rulebook pg. 603 4.0
When you Invest an Item that has the apex trait, it improves one of your ability scores, either increasing it by 2 or to a total of 18, whichever grants the higher score. This gives you all the benefits of the new ability score until the investiture runs out: increasing Intelligence lets you become trained in an additional skill and learn a new language, increasing Constitution gives you more Hit Points, and so on.

An apex item grants this benefit only the first time it’s invested within a 24-hour period, and you can benefit from only one apex item at a time. If you attempt to invest an apex item when you already have one invested, you don’t gain the ability score increase, though you do gain any other effects of Investing the Item.

Companion Items

Source Core Rulebook pg. 604 4.0
You might want to acquire items that benefit an animal or beast that assists you. These items have the companion trait, meaning they function only for animal companions, familiars, and similar creatures. Normally these are the only items a companion can use. Other items can qualify, at the GM's discretion, but a companion can never Activate an Item.

Investing Companion Items

Source Core Rulebook pg. 604 4.0
Any worn companion item needs to be invested. However, your companion needs to invest it rather than you doing so. This requires you to use the Invest an Item activity alongside your companion. A companion has an investiture limit of two items (instead of the 10-item limit a player character has).

Other Worn Items

Source Core Rulebook pg. 604 4.0
These are a wide variety of items you wear. Armor appears in its own section on page 555, and apex items that can increase ability scores are on page 603.