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Source Core Rulebook pg. 599
Weapons can be crafted from precious materials or infused with magic to grant them powerful and unusual abilities.

Precious Material Weapons

Source Core Rulebook pg. 599
Weapons made of precious materials are more expensive and sometimes have special effects. You can make metal weapons out of any of these materials except darkwood, and wooden weapons out of darkwood. To determine the Price of 10 pieces of ammunition, use the base Price for a single weapon, without adding any extra for Bulk.

Basic Magic Weapon

Source Core Rulebook pg. 599
Many magic weapons are created by etching runes onto them, as described on page 580. The magic weapon stat block covers the Prices and attributes of the most common weapons you can make with only fundamental runes.

Specific Magic Weapno

Source Core Rulebook pg. 600
These weapons have abilities far different from what can be gained by simply etching runes. A specific magic weapon lists its fundamental runes, which you can upgrade, add, or transfer as normal. You can’t etch any property runes onto a specific weapon that it doesn’t already have.