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Encouraging Words Feat 2

Auditory General Linguistic Mental Skill Stamina 
Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 201
Prerequisites trained in Diplomacy
Requirements The target ally lost Stamina Points within the last round.

You give an ally within 30 feet a quick pep talk, helping them recover. Attempt a Diplomacy check. The DC is usually 15, though the GM might adjust it based on the circumstances. If you have expert proficiency in Diplomacy, you can instead attempt a DC 20 check to increase the Stamina Points recovered by 5; if you have master proficiency, you can attempt a DC 30 check to increase the Stamina Points by 15; if you have legendary proficiency, you can attempt a DC 40 check to increase the Stamina Points by 25. No matter the result, the ally is temporarily immune to Encouraging Words until they either Take a Breather or rest for the day.

Critical Success The ally recovers 2d8 Stamina Points.
Success The ally recovers 1d8 Stamina Points.
Critical Failure The ally takes 1d8 mental damage, but this can reduce only Stamina Points, never Hit Points.



Auditory actions and effects rely on sound. An action with the auditory trait can be successfully performed only if the creature using the action can speak or otherwise produce the required sounds. A spell or effect with the auditory trait has its effect only if the target can hear it. This applies only to sound-based parts of the effect, as determined by the GM. This is different from a sonic effect, which still affects targets who can't hear it (such as deaf targets) as long as the effect itself makes sound.


A type of feat that any character can select, regardless of ancestry and class, as long as they meet the prerequisites. You can select a feat with this trait when your class grants a general feat.


An effect with this trait depends on language comprehension. A linguistic effect that targets a creature works only if the target understands the language you are using.


A mental effect can alter the target's mind. It has no effect on an object or a mindless creature.


A general feat with the skill trait improves your skills and their actions or gives you new actions for a skill. A feat with this trait can be selected when a class grants a skill feat or general feat. Archetype feats with the skill trait can be selected in place of a skill feat if you have that archetype's dedication feat.


Available for use in games using the Stamina Rules Variant.