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PFS StandardMantle of the GrogrisantItem 18

Unique Abjuration Invested Primal 
Source Monsters of Myth pg. 35
Price 22,000 gp
Usage worn cloak; Bulk L
This long, golden cloak is among the royal regalia of the emperors of Taldor. It was fashioned from the pelt of Grogrisant itself, after being slain by Taldaris, and Grogrisant's mane was fashioned into a thick fringe that runs all along the mantle's edges. The paws of the Grogrisant cross beneath the wearer's throat, giving you an imposing appearance. The Mantle of the Grogrisant grants you fire resistance 15 and physical resistance 5 (except bludgeoning).

Activate [one-action] envision, Interact (evocation, incapacitation, light, primal, visual) Frequency once per day; Effect You pull the hood of the mantle over your face, revealing the six eyes of Grogrisant. The mantle gives off a flash of blinding light in a 60-foot emanation. All enemies within this area must attempt a DC 38 Fortitude saving throw. On a failure, they're blinded for 1 minute. On a critical failure, they're permanently blinded.