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PFS StandardThe Distant Grasp

Legacy Content

Source Dark Archive pg. 16
Motion characterizes the physical—a boulder falls, creatures move, the world turns. You believe the truest form of mind over matter is therefore to move things as well, wielding telekinesis as an arm that can grasp the furthest and finest of objects.

1st: kinetic ram; 2nd: telekinetic maneuver; 3rd: levitate; 4th: fly; 5th: telekinetic haul; 6th: poltergeist's fury; 7th: telekinetic bombardment; 8th: falling sky; 9th: implosion
Standard Psi Cantrips mage hand and telekinetic projectile
Unique Psi Cantrips surface: telekinetic rend; deeper: vector screen; deepest: dancing blade

Mage Hand

Your mage hand can carry up to 1 Bulk instead of only light Bulk. If the spell is heightened to 3rd level or higher, its maximum Bulk is 2. If the spell is heightened to 7th level or higher, its maximum Bulk is 3. It also gains the following amp.

Amp You create a multitude of telekinetic hands that grip onto a creature and move it about. Target a creature of Medium size or smaller with the amped spell instead of an object. You attempt to Shove the target in a direction of your choice, rolling a spell attack roll against its Fortitude DC instead of an Athletics check. The creature takes a –10-foot circumstance penalty to its Speeds until the spell ends. Starting the round after you Cast the Spell, the first time each round you Sustain the Spell, you can attempt to Shove the creature again.
Amp Heightened (4th) You can attempt to Disarm the creature instead of attempting to Shove it. If you knock an item out of the creature's grasp in this way, the mage hand immediately grabs it. Any effect of the mage hand on the creature ends, and the spell now carries the item, just like you had picked it up with an unamped mage hand.

Telekinetic Projectile

Your telekinetic projectiles can fly much further away. Increase the range of telekinetic projectile to 60 feet. It also gains the following amp.

Amp You fling objects with even more force, driving your opponents backwards in a hail of objects. On a success, you push the target 5 feet away from you, and on a critical success, you push the target 10 feet away from you in addition to dealing double damage.
Amp Heightened (+1) The damage increases by 2d6 instead of by 1d6.