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Release Date 7/27/2022
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Ancestries [1]


Ancestry Heritages [1]


Animal Companions - Advanced Options [1]


Archetypes [11]

Alter Ego, Chronoskimmer, Curse Maelstrom, Living Vessel, Mind Smith, Pactbinder, Psychic, Psychic Duelist, Sleepwalker, Thaumaturge, Time Mage

Backgrounds [4]

Child of the Twin Village, Empty Whispers, Legacy of the Hammer, Reborn Soul

Classes [2]

Psychic, Thaumaturge

Class Sample Builds [6]

Lorekeeper (Thaumaturge), Nomadic Visionary (Psychic), Pillar of Resolve (Psychic), Protector (Thaumaturge), Student of Thoughts (Psychic), Trickster (Thaumaturge)

Conscious Minds [6]

The Distant Grasp, The Infinite Eye, The Oscillating Wave, The Silent Whisper, The Tangible Dream, The Unbound Step

Curses [8]

Boastful Prince's Scourge, Enforced Hospitality, Forbidding Knowledge, Rage of the Excommunicant, Sinful Tongue, Swarming Words, Thief's Burden, Unraveling Skin

Equipment [61]

Baleblood Draft, Book of Lost Days, Bottomless Purse, Calamity Glass, Chaos Collar, Chimera Thread, Cloak of the False Foe, Coded Signal, Coded Signal (Monument), Coded Signal (Permanent), Coded Signal (Temporary), Compass of Transpositional Awareness, Conrasu Coin, Conrasu Coin (Arbiter), Conrasu Coin (Bythos), Counterfeit Item, Counterfeit Item (High-Grade), Counterfeit Item (Low-Grade), Counterfeit Item (Medium-Grade), Cryolite Eye, Dog-Bone Knife, False Witness, False Witness (Disreputable), False Witness (Honorable), False Witness (Ordinary), False Witness (Respectable), False Witness (Unimpeachable), False-Bottomed Mug, Forgetful Drops, Gift of the Poisoned Heart, Glittering Scarab, Golden Goose, Hand-Hewed Face, Hoax-Hunter's Kit, Horn of the Aoyin, Key to the Stomach, Lost Ember, Membership Cords, Mistranslator's Draft, Moonlit Ink, Old Tillimaquin, Parchment of Secrets, Political Favor, Political Favor (Major), Political Favor (Minor), Political Favor (Moderate), Ring of Sneering Charity, Rose of Loves Lost, Sampling Ammunition, Self-Emptying Pocket, Self-Immolating Note, Sibling's Coin, Silent Bell, Society Portrait, Stone of Unrivaled Skill, Swirling Sand, Tablet of Chained Souls, Taleteller's Ring, Traitor's Ring, Vial of the Immortal Wellspring, Wine of the Blood

Feats [234]

Accursed Magic, Advanced Runic Mind-Smithing, Advanced Thaumaturgy, Advanced Thoughtform, All in your Head, Alter Ego Dedication, Ammunition Thaumaturgy, Ancestral Mind, Astral Tether, Aura Sight, Automatic Writing, Awakened Power, Basic Psychic Spellcasting, Basic Thaumaturgy, Basic Thoughtform, Become Thought, Bizarre Transformation, Blasting Beams, Bone Spikes, Borrow Memories, Borrow Time, Brain Drain, Breached Defenses, Call Implement, Can't You See?, Cantrip Expansion, Change of Face, Chromotherapy, Chronocognizance, Chronomancer's Secrets, Chronoskimmer Dedication, Clone-Risen, Combat Premonition, Conscious Spell Specialization, Constant Levitation, Consume Energy, Counter Curse, Counter Thought, Cranial Detonation, Cryptic Spell, Crystal Healing, Curse Maelstrom Dedication, Cursed Effigy, Dark Persona's Presence, Deep Roots, Deepest Wellspring, Devil's Eye, Distant Wandering, Diverse Lore, Divine Disharmony, Dormant Eruption, Dream Guise, Dream Logic, Dream Magic, Duel Spell Advantage, Echo of the Fallen, Eerie Environs, Eerie Flicker, Eerie Proclamation, Eerie Traces, Elaborate Scroll Esoterica, Elaborate Talisman Esoterica, Elysium's Cadence, Emotional Surge, Enervating Wail, Enhanced Familiar, Entity's Strike, Escape Timeline, Esoteric Reflexes, Esoteric Warden, Ever Dreaming, Expert Psychic Spellcasting, Exude Abyssal Corruption, Fake It Till You Make it, Familiar, Familiar Oddities, Fey Life, Fey's Trickery, Folk Dowsing, Foreseen Failure, Forgotten Presence, Future Spell Learning, Ghost Blade, Ghostly Grasp (Deviant), Gift of the Hoard, Grand Scroll Esoterica, Grand Talisman Esoterica, Greater Awakened Power, Guide the Timeline, Haunt Ingenuity, High-Speed Regeneration, Homing Beacon, Implement Initiate, Implement's Assault, Implement's Flight, Impose Order (Psychic), In Plain Sight, Incredible Familiar, Inertial Barrier, Infiltrate Dream, Instigate Psychic Duel, Instructive Strike, Intense Implement, Intensify Investiture, Into the Future, Jelly Body, Just the Tool, Know-It-All, Lingering Chill, Living Vessel Dedication, Magical Knowledge, Malleable Form, Malleable Mental Forge, Malleable Movement, Master Psychic Spellcasting, Mental Balm, Mental Buffer, Mental Forge, Mental Static, Metallic Envisionment, Mind over Matter, Mind Projectiles, Mind Shards, Mind Smith Dedication, Mirror Refuge, Mirror-Risen, Mistaken Identity, Morphic Manipulation, Morph-Risen, Muscle Mimicry, No!!!, Obscured Emergence, One More Activation, Oneiric Influence, Pact of Draconic Fury, Pact of Eldritch Eyes, Pact of Fey Glamour, Pact of Infernal Prowess, Pact of the Final Breath, Pactbinder Dedication, Paired Link, Parallel Breakthrough, Petrified Skin, Progenitor Lore, Propulsive Leap, Psi Burst, Psi Catastrophe, Psi Development, Psi Strikes, Psychic Dedication, Psychic Duelist Dedication, Psychic Rapport, Purge of Moments, Read Psychometric Resonance, Redirect Attention, Reflect Foe, Reflective Pocket, Remove Presence, Replicate, Reset the Past, Resolute, Reverse Curse, Reversing Charge, Root to Life, Runic Mind Smithing, Sacral Lord, Sacral Monarch, Scour the Library, Scroll Esoterica, Scroll Thaumaturgy, Seven-Part Link, Sever Magic, Share Burden, Share Weakness, Shared Dream, Shared Warding, Shatter Space, Signature Spell Expansion, Sink and Swim, Siphon Life, Sixth Sense, Skeptic's Defense, Sleepwalker Dedication, Sociable Vow, Sound Mirror, Space-Time Shift, Steady Spellcasting, Steal Time, Storming Breath, Strain Mind, Superimpose Time Duplicates, Supreme Psychic Center, Swap Reflections, Sympathetic Vulnerabilities, Talisman Esoterica, Tap Vitality, Target of Psychic Ire, Tectonic Stomp, Thaumaturge Dedication, Thaumaturge's Demesne, Thaumaturge's Investiture, Thaumaturgic Ritualist, Thoughtform Summoning, Thoughtsense, Time Mage Dedication, Timeline-Splitting Spell, Titan Swing, Torrential Backlash, Trespass Teleportation, Turn Away Misfortune, Turn Back the Clock, Twin Psyche, Twin Weakness, Two-Truths, Ubiquitous Weakness, Unlimited Demesne, Unlimited Potential, Unnerving Expansion, Unyielding Disguise, Vessel's Form, Violent Unleash, Vision of Foresight, Waking Dream, Walk on the Wind, Wandering Thoughts, Ward Slumber, Warp Likeness, Warp Space, Warped Constriction, Warped Reflection, What Could Have Been, Whispering Steps, Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Wonder Worker

Hazards [19]

Bounding Hounds, Call of the Void, Clone Mirrors, Confounding Portal, Constricting Hall, Disorienting Illusions, Distortion Mirror, Entrapping Chair, Exhaling Portal, False Floor, False Step Floor, Mirror Door, Reflected Desires, Shrinking Hall, Shrouded Assailant, Shuffling Hall, Sigil of Deepest Fears, Spirit Window, Thalassophobic Pool

Implements [9]

Amulet, Bell, Chalice, Lantern, Mirror, Regalia, Tome, Wand, Weapon

Lessons [2]

Lesson of Bargains, Lesson of Favors

Mysteries [1]


Patron Themes [1]


Rituals [8]

Bacchanalia, Construct Mindscape, Contact Friends, Mindscape Door, Oblivious Expulsion, Recall Past Life, Supreme Connection, Vital Singularity

Rules [9]

Aftermath Feats, Apocryphal Domain Spells, Bargained Contracts, Cryptid Adjustments, Deviant Abilities, Mindscape Statistics, Psychic Duels, Secret Society Member, Tempting Curses

Spells [69]

Astral Rain, Awaken Entropy, Behold the Weave, Bilocation, Bracing Tendrils, Cinder Gaze, Contagious Idea, Dancing Blade, Distortion Lens, Empty Pack, Entropic Wheel, Etheric Shards, Euphoric Renewal, Falling Sky, False Nature, Focusing Hum, Forbidden Thought, Foresee the Path, Frenzied Revelry, Ghostly Shift, Glimpse Weakness, Hollow Heart, Hologram Cage, Imaginary Weapon, Implement of Destruction, Inevitable Destination, Isolation, Kinetic Ram, Loose Time's Arrow, Manifold Lives, Momentary Recovery, Morass of Ages, Moth's Supper, Omnidirectional Scan, Over the Coals, Pact Broker, Path of Least Resistance, Phase Bolt, Poltergeist's Fury, Purifying Veil, Quicken Time, Rally Point, Redistribute Potential, Return the Favor, Sea of Thought, Shadow Spy, Shaken Confidence, Shatter Mind, Soft Landing, Stagnate Time, String of Fate, Summon Irii, Suspended Retribution, Telekinetic Bombardment, Telekinetic Rend, Temporal Distortion, Temporal Twin, Tesseract Tunnel, Thermal Stasis, Time Pocket, Time Sense, Time Skip, Vector Screen, Victory Cry, Waking Dream, Warp Step, Weaponize Secret, Wind Whispers, Wordsmith

Subconscious Minds [4]

Emotional Acceptance, Gathered Lore, Precise Discipline, Wandering Reverie

Traits [10]

Aftermath, Amp (Class-Specific), Deviant, Esoterica (Class-Specific), Experiment, Mindshift, Psyche (Class-Specific), Psychic (Class), Reflection (Ancestry), Thaumaturge (Class)