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Tears of the Last AzlantiItem 25

This Item may contain spoilers from the Extinction Curse Adventure Path

Unique Arcane Artifact Invested Transmutation 
Source Pathfinder #156: The Apocalypse Prophet pg. 69
Usage worn necklace; Bulk L
This gold necklace sports six bails, each with a different aeon stone. The backside of each bail is engraved with a single ancient Azlanti rune: Patience, Remembrance, Resilience, Tenacity, Wisdom, Invention.

While a bail is active, you recall pieces of childhood memories, brief stories and lessons spoken to you by Aroden. The knowledge imparted by each bail carries a specific power but also allows you to access the invested and resonant powers of the aeon stone in the active bail's slot as though the stone orbited your head. Each day at dawn, a new bail becomes active; roll 1d6 to determine which bail is active, determined by the table below. Only one bail can be active at any time.

Once per day, you can attempt to exchange the aeon stone in a given bail for another aeon stone with a successful DC 35 Arcana check.

D6BailDefault Aeon Stone
1PatienceGold nodule
Active Power: Telepathy with a range of 100 feet
2RemembranceTourmaline sphere
Active Power: Cast hypercognition at will
3ResilienceClear spindle
Active Power: Worn armor gains the antimagic property rune
4TenacityPink rhomboid
Active Power: Wielded weapons gain the vorpal property rune
5WisdomOrange prism
Active Power: Skill checks for downtime activities or to Recall Knowledge are one degree of success higher
6InventionLavender and green ellipsoid
Active Power: You can craft items up to 5 levels higher than your actual level

Destruction The memories and lessons that echo through the Tears of the Last Azlanti give clues about steps needed to destroy the artifact. After you have gained the power of each of the six aeon stones at least once, you are granted visions of six locations across Golarion. At each of these locations, you must replace one of the necklace's aeon stones with a dull gray aeon stone. Once the final stone is replaced, the powers of the necklace are drawn into its new stones. These stones become pieces of throneglass, and the chain and bails disintegrate.