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Azarketi Feats

At 1st level, you gain one ancestry feat, and you gain an additional ancestry feat every 4 levels thereafter (at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th levels). As an Azarketi, you select from among the following ancestry feats.

PFS StandardAlghollthu Bound1AzarketiAlthough you may not even be aware, the alghollthus your ancestors once served maintain a stranglehold on the deepest, tethered parts of your mind.
PFS StandardAncestral Insight1AzarketiYou have extensive knowledge of your ancestors' ancient origins.
PFS StandardAzarketi Lore1AzarketiYou have learned the history and origins of your people and how to connect to both your land and sea heritage.
PFS StandardAzarketi Weapon Familiarity1AzarketiYou are familiar with weapons that excel underwater.
PFS StandardCynical1AzarketiYou've been approached with suspicion and distrust throughout your life and return these sentiments back to the strangers you encounter.
PFS StandardHydraulic Deflection1Azarketi, Abjuration, Concentrate, Primal, WaterDrawing moisture from the atmosphere, you create a disc of hovering water that deflects attacks.
PFS StandardPelagic Aptitude1AzarketiYou've learned special tricks to survive underwater.
PFS StandardPerfect Dive1AzarketiYou dive into the water with exceptional skill and connection to the waves, urging the water itself to cushion your fall.
PFS StandardStriking Retribution1AzarketiYou have an appropriately intense hatred for alghollthus.
PFS StandardSurface Skimmer1AzarketiBy sinking gently beneath the waves, you obscure your presence and utilize the water as a barrier between you and land combatants.
PFS StandardAquatic Conversationalist5AzarketiYou can ask questions of, receive answers from, and use the Diplomacy skill with animals with the amphibious or aquatic traits.
PFS StandardAzarketi Weapon Aptitude5AzarketiAzarketi Weapon FamiliarityYou become familiar with using your weapons both in and out of water.
PFS StandardDrag Down5AzarketiWhile swimming in water at least 10 feet deep, you grab an adjacent creature (on nearby land or in the water) and pull it below the surface.
PFS LimitedFey Influence5Azarketi, RareYour exposure to fey influence has given you some primal magic
PFS StandardMarine Ally5AzarketiYou've befriended a sea creature, which becomes magically bonded to you.
PFS StandardWater Conjuration5AzarketiYou carry the ocean with you wherever you go.
PFS StandardAboleth Transmutation9AzarketiYou have tapped into the ancient magic used by alghollthu masters to mold the flesh of your ancestors.
PFS StandardAzarketi Purification9AzarketiYou can cast purify food and drink as a primal innate spell, but only on liquids.
PFS StandardReplenishing Hydration9AzarketiYou draw life from the water around you.
PFS StandardRiptide9AzarketiDrag Down; expert in AthleticsDrag a grabbed creature into nearby water
PFS StandardWater Dancer9AzarketiYou glide through the water with graceful ease.
PFS StandardWater Strider9Azarketi, Primal, Transmutation, WaterWater cradles your every step, allowing you to walk on its surface.
PFS StandardAquatic Adaptation13Azarketi, Concentrate, Primal, Transmutation, WaterIf you and up to four other creatures are in contact with a body of water deep enough for you to fully submerge, you can spend 10 minutes adapting the creatures to that specific body of water.
PFS StandardAquatic Camouflage13AzarketiYou blend into the waves.
PFS StandardAzarketi Weapon Expertise13AzarketiAzarketi Weapon FamiliarityYour mastery with weapons both above and below water is unmatched.
PFS StandardHydraulic Maneuvers13Azarketi, Concentrate, Manipulate, Primal, Transmutation, WaterYou batter your foes with a torrent of water siphoned from your surroundings.
PFS StandardMist Strider13AzarketiWater StriderYou condense the moisture in the air, solidifying it so it can hold your weight.
PFS StandardRehydration13Azarketi, Primal, Transmutation, WaterYou surround your body with a thin layer of water drawn from the moisture in the air.
PFS StandardUnderwater Volcano17AzarketiYou can cast volcanic eruption as a 7th-level primal innate spell once per day, except that you can only evoke the volcano on the floor of a body of water, and the effects that normally happen to flying creatures happen to swimming creatures instead.