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Reflected DesiresHazard 1

Enchantment Magical Mental Trap Visual 
Source Dark Archive pg. 123
Complexity Simple
Stealth DC 17 (0 to notice the mirror)
Description This mirror reflects the viewer's deepest desires.
Disable DC 18 Thievery (trained) to shroud the mirror without looking at it, or DC 17 Occultism (trained) to erect mental barriers
AC 13, Fort +10, Ref +4
Hardness 6, HP 24 (BT 12); Immunities object immunities
Tempt [reaction] (enchantment, mental, occult, visual) Trigger A creature looks into the mirror; Effect The triggering creature sees themselves enjoying their deepest desires in the mirror's reflection, becoming fascinated (Will DC 20 negates). This fascination ends automatically when the mirror is broken or covered up.
Reset automatic