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Quantium Golem

The long war between Nex and Geb spawned many animate weapons, but while a citizen of Quantium might run screaming from any product of the fleshforges, they barely bat an eyelash at the ground-shaking stomp of the two titanic, deadly constructs that stride outside their city walls. Crafted by the wizard-king Nex ages ago after a devastating attack by Geb's undead forces, including the harrowing benthic reaver, the Quantium golems are meant to protect the capital in case of Nex's absence. These twin golems ceaselessly keep vigil over the city, ready to cut down any invaders that menace Quantium.

Twenty feet tall and crafted from a supernaturally smooth material, the two guardians are a matched set, one of crimson and one of emerald. Wielding swords the size of giants, the guardians relentlessly destroy anything that threatens the city, particularly any undead that might invade the country from Geb. With the mythic Crux of Nex as a power supply, the golems are inexhaustible and nearly indestructible.

Recall Knowledge - Construct (Arcana, Crafting): DC 45
Unspecific Lore: DC 43
Specific Lore: DC 40

Elite | Normal | Weak
Proficiency without Level

Quantium GolemCreature 20

Rare N Gargantuan Construct Golem Mindless 
Source Impossible Lands pg. 335
Perception +36; darkvision, defender's link, lifesense 120 feet
Skills Athletics +38
Str +10, Dex +8, Con +7, Int -5, Wis +8, Cha -5
Defender's Link Each Quantium golem automatically knows the Hit Points, conditions, afflictions, and location of the other.
Items +3 greater striking bastard sword
AC 47; Fort +35, Ref +32, Will +32
HP 325; Immunities bleed, death effects, disease, doomed, drained, fatigued, fire, healing, magic (below), mental, necromancy, nonlethal attacks, paralyzed, poison, sickened, unconscious; Resistances physical 20 (except adamantine)
Golem Antimagic harmed by sonic (9d10, 3d10 from area or persistent damage); healed by fire (area 3d10 HP); slowed by coldPaired Reconstruction When reduced to 0 HP, the Quantium golem is destroyed; however, it magically reforms 24 hours later at full HP and free of all conditions and afflictions unless its twin golem is also destroyed.Vulnerable to Banishment Casting a banishment spell on a Quantium golem disrupts its connection to the Crux of Nex. If targeted by such a spell, the golem is enfeebled 1 and slowed 1 for 1d4 rounds.
Speed 50 feet
Melee bastard sword +39 [+34/+29] (magical, two-handed d12), Damage 3d8+18 slashingRanged eye beam +36 [+31/+26] (magical, range 120 feet), Damage 4d8 fire plus 4d8 energy (see Twin Defenders)Lambent Beam (arcane, evocation) The Quantium golem's eyes take on a brilliant glow and it unleashes an arc of destruction dealing 10d6 fire damage and 10d6 energy damage (see Twin Defenders) to creatures in a 120-foot line (DC 42 basic Reflex save). The Quantium golem can't use Lambent Beam for 1d4 rounds.Twin Defenders The Quantium golems were created by Nex as a matched set: one of crimson and one of emerald, each a unique entity. The crimson golem is imbued with blazing fire and crackling lightning; its eye beam and Lambent Beam abilities deal fire and electricity damage. The emerald golem is charged with caustic power and flame; its eye beam and Lambent Beam abilities deal acid and fire damage.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Eternal Patrol

The pair of golems remain within 1 mile of Quantium, walking a constant circuit counterclockwise around the city. The golems position themselves to remain at opposite ends of the city, and they only pause in their rounds if attacked or obstructed. The golems take the most direct approach to eliminating hindrances.

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Source Bestiary pg. 184
Crafted of base materials and then magically animated into a powerful guardian, the legendary golem is a living construct that mindlessly obeys its creator's commands— often continuing to do so for years or even centuries after its creator's death. There exist two known methods of animating a golem. The traditional method involves harvesting and implanting an elemental soul or essence within the newly crafted host statue, a procedure seen as vile and blasphemous to those who value the sanctity of the soul; evil or amoral golem crafters tend to prefer this method. The other, less disreputable technique involves siphoning pure positive energy into the statue to artificially imitate the creation of a soul. The result does not give the golem a true soul and is generally a more costly and time-consuming method of creation. Regardless of the method used, the resulting golem functions the same. A golem's unique animating force leaves it susceptible to certain forms of magic, but apart from these few weaknesses, it is impervious to magic and difficult to damage with weapons.

Golems work best in play as foes to vanquish rather than allies to accompany player characters on adventures. The process of creating a golem is time-consuming, expensive, and difficult, and only the most talented spellcasters or artisans can even hope to accomplish such an undertaking. While certain magical texts—so-called “golem manuals”—are said to aid golems crafters, for the most part the creation of a golem should be something left in the hands of the Game Master.

Golems have components that can be harvested as trophies or magical components; the value depends on the golem in question. Examples of components that can be harvested from golems are listed in the sidebars.

Golem Antimagic

A golem is immune to spells and magical abilities other than its own, but each type of golem is affected by a few types of magic in special ways. These exceptions are listed in shortened form in the golem's stat block, with the full rules appearing here. If an entry lists multiple types (such as “cold and water”), either type of spell can affect the golem.
  • Harmed By Any magic of this type that targets the golem causes it to take the listed amount of damage (this damage has no type) instead of the usual effect. If the golem starts its turn in an area of magic of this type or is affected by a persistent effect of the appropriate type, it takes the damage listed in the parenthetical.
  • Healed By Any magic of this type that targets the golem makes the golem lose the slowed condition and gain HP equal to half the damage the spell would have dealt. If the golem starts its turn in an area of this type of magic, it gains the HP listed in the parenthetical.
  • Slowed By Any magic of this type that targets the golem causes it to be slowed 1 for 2d6 rounds instead of the usual effect. If the golem starts its turn in an area of this type of magic, it's slowed 1 for that round.
  • Vulnerable To Each golem is vulnerable to one or more specific spells, with the effects described in its stat block.