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Source Core Rulebook pg. 634 2.0
A mindless creature has either programmed or rudimentary mental attributes. Most, if not all, of their mental ability modifiers are –5. They are immune to all mental effects.


Adamantine Golem, Alchemical Golem, Aluum Enforcer, Amoeba Swarm, Animated Armor, Animated Broom, Animated Colossus, Animated Furnace, Animated Silverware Swarm, Animated Statue, Animated Trebuchet, Assassin Vine, Basidirond, Black Pudding, Blood Ooze, Carnivorous Blob, Carnivorous Crystal, Carrion Golem, Clacking Skull Swarm, Clay Golem, Clockwork Amalgam, Clockwork Assassin, Clockwork Dragon, Clockwork Mage, Clockwork Soldier, Clockwork Spy, Dig-Widget, Divine Warden Of Brigh, Divine Warden Of Nethys, Dragon's Blood Puffball, Ethereal Sailor, Feral Skull Swarm, Fire Jellyfish Swarm, Flaming Skull, Flesh Golem, Fossil Golem, Fuming Sludge, Gelatinous Cube, Giant Amoeba, Giant Animated Statue, Giant Flytrap, Giant Jellyfish, Glass Golem, Gray Ooze, Grothlut, Harpy Skeleton, Ice Golem, Iron Golem, Lemure, Living Sap, Luminous Ooze, Mechanical Carny, Mithral Golem, Necrophidius, Obsidian Golem, Ochre Jelly, Plague Zombie, Reaper Skull Puffball, Roiling Incant, Severed Head, Sewer Ooze, Shambler Troop, Skeletal Giant, Skeletal Horse, Skeletal Hulk, Skeleton Guard, Skeleton Infantry, Skinstitch, Slime Mold, Slithering Pit, Snapping Flytrap, Spiral Centurion, Spiritbound Aluum, Stone Golem, Sulfur Zombie, Swordkeeper, Tallow Ooze, Tattoo Guardian, Tyrannosaurus Skeleton, Unseen Servant, Vaultbreaker Ooze, Verdurous Ooze, Violet Fungus, Vitalia, Wizard Sponge, Wood Golem, Yellow Musk Brute, Yellow Musk Creeper, Yellow Musk Thrall, Zombie Brute, Zombie Dragon, Zombie Hulk, Zombie Shambler