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BuntaVehicle 24

Unique Medium Artifact Conjuration Magical Teleportation 
Source Pathfinder #174: Shadows of the Ancients pg. 76

This hand-woven coracle appears large enough to hold only a single person. When you pilot the boat, however, you can take on up to a dozen passengers, which ride in your soul. While there, their bodies and equipment are absorbed into you—they are aware of everything you sense and can communicate telepathically with you or any other passengers, but otherwise can't act except to Recall Knowledge and use actions that require only the use of their mind (as determined by the GM). They can exit your soul, or you can remove any number of them using a single action—which has the concentrate trait—causing them to appear in a space adjacent to Bunta. If you leave Bunta or are killed, any creatures in your soul immediately exit your body into the nearest available space. If you leave Bunta after piloting it, you can use a single action, which has the concentrate trait, to store the boat in your soul. You can remove it from your soul into an adjacent square with another such action. If Bunta takes enough damage to destroy it, it bursts into golden mist, then reforms over 24 hours in its last pilot's soul.
Space 5 feet long, 5 feet wide, 3 feet high
Crew 1 pilot
Piloting Check Arcana (DC 30), Nature (DC 30), or Sailing Lore (DC 32)
AC 50; Fort +46
Hardness 25, HP 500 (BT 250); Immunities object immunities
Spirit Ship Bunta can be damaged by spells like spirit blast that damage a creature's spirit directly, and such effects ignore Bunta's hardness.
Speed fly 40 feet (magical), swim 40 feet (magical), swim 20 feet (rowed)
Collision secret of souls

Activate [three-actions] command, envision, Interact Requirements You are piloting Bunta; Effect A silver river flows from your heart, traveling forward in a line that flows around obstacles as if it were water. If Bunta travels at least its speed along the river each round for 10 minutes, you arrive at another plane as if you cast plane shift. You arrive in a destination you specify, or a random location if you don't have a choice. If Bunta ever does not travel at least its Speed in a round, you can disrupt this activation. If you continue, you have a 1% cumulative chance of ending up in a random extraplanar location for each round that Bunta did not travel at least its Speed, to a maximum of a 60% chance if Bunta didn't travel at least its Speed for the full 10 minutes. As long as you remain on Bunta, you are protected from any harmful effects of the plane's environment.
Secret of Souls You pilot Bunta into a creature's soul, finding and restoring its true nature. Bunta attempts to counteract all magical effects on the creature. Its counteract level is 20, with a counteract modifier of +40.
Destruction Bunta can only be permanently destroyed if Old-Mage Jatembe unweaves it, then submerges each reed in the River Styx at the base of Pharasma's Spire.