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PFS LimitedDragon Rune BraceletItem 11

This Item may contain spoilers from the Strength of Thousands Adventure Path

Uncommon Enchantment Focused Invested Magical 
Source Pathfinder #171: Hurricane's Howl pg. 75, Treasure Vault pg. 148 1.1; There is a more recent version of this item. Click here to view.
Price 1,400 gp
Usage worn bracelet; Bulk
This polished golden bracelet is formed around the scale of a famous dragon. The bracelet is etched with esoteric symbols or words—always in Draconic—that indicate kinship with dragons. As many types of dragon rune bracelets exist as there are types of dragons, though dragon rune bracelets associated with Uncommon or Rare dragons are Rare.

While wearing a dragon rune bracelet, you gain a +2 item bonus to Diplomacy checks while interacting with dragons of the same type as the pendant's scale (such as red dragons or cloud dragons). You also gain a +2 item bonus to saving throws against fear effects from any kind of dragon.

Activate [free-action] envision Frequency once per day; Requirements You can cast bloodline spells from the draconic bloodline, such as from the sorcerer class or sorcerer multiclass archetype; Effect You regain 1 Focus Point, which you can spend only to cast a sorcerer bloodline spell. If you don't spend this Focus Point by the end of your turn, it is lost.