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Momentary Magic


Source Treasure Vault pg. 84 1.1
A missive is a piece of magical stationery that must be crafted and composed before it can be activated. All missives have the missive and consumable traits. Missives are often constructed of paper, parchment, or vellum, but any other thin, portable material that can hold writing or embossing upon it can be crafted into missives. After being crafted, the missive is a blank sheet until a message is composed upon it, completing its magic.

Composing Missives

Source Treasure Vault pg. 84 1.1
Before a missive can be activated, it must be composed. Composing a missive means preparing the missive's contents—visual, tactile, or both. Then, the missive Activates when it's examined. Missive contents can include anything that might be written or embossed on writing material. Contents change the missive's effects only if the missive's description says they do. Composing a missive requires using the Compose Missive activity.

Compose Missive

Exploration Manipulate 
Source Treasure Vault pg. 84 1.1
You spend 10 minutes drawing, writing, or inscribing, covering the missive's surface with text, images, or embossing.

Activating Missives

Source Treasure Vault pg. 84 1.1
Unless otherwise stated in a missive's description, a missive is activated automatically when a creature holding or touching the missive reads or examines the missive's contents. Doing so requires an amount of time noted in the missive's description, but is typically 2 actions—one to open the missive or arrange it in their hands (Interact) and the other to absorb part of the contents (envision). A missive doesn't have to be read or examined in its entirety to be activated, nor does a creature need to know the missive is magical to Activate it. One can Activate missives unintentionally! The creature does need to be able to understand the missive to Activate it, however—a creature who speaks only Undercommon couldn't Activate a missive in Common. Someone who knows they hold a missive can avoid Activating it by not examining it, and possibly by Interacting to close it, if it's open.