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PFS RestrictedJahan WaystoneItem 21

Rare Artifact Conjuration Magical Teleportation 
Source The Mwangi Expanse pg. 207 2.0
This enormous stone glows with a pale light and emits a quiet hum. Each Jahan waystone is part of a paired link. The paired stones correspond in the color of the light they emit, as well as the specific tone at which they hum.

Activate 1 minute (envision, Interact); Effect You place your hand on the stone and focus on the stone's light. The stone's glow envelopes all creatures in a 10-foot radius with its light and attempts to teleport the creatures to its paired stone. If there is no open space within 30 feet of the target waystone, the teleportation attempt fails. A creature can resist the teleportation with a successful DC 45 Will save.