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Shaitans corrupted by the Black Desert's blightburn become scorpion-like arardas. While other earth genies sparkle with the iridescence of gemstones and evoke the power of the earth itself, arardas use their connection to the ground to harness the might of electricity. Arardas are so infused with this radioactive crystal that their mere presence is toxic to most living creatures.

Recall Knowledge - Elemental (Arcana, Nature): DC 43
Unspecific Lore: DC 41
Specific Lore: DC 38

Elite | Normal | Weak
Proficiency without Level

ArardaCreature 18

Rare LE Large Earth Elemental Genie 
Source Pathfinder #155: Lord of the Black Sands pg. 79
Perception +31; darkvision, detect magic, tremorsense (imprecise) 60 feet
Languages Terran, Undercommon
Skills Athletics +35, Black Desert Lore +27, Deception +30, Intimidation +30, Nature +33, Survival +33
Str +9, Dex +6, Con +7, Int +3, Wis +7, Cha +6
Items +2 greater striking maul
AC 43; Fort +33, Ref +30, Will +31
HP 280; Immunities disease; Resistances electricity 20; Weaknesses sonic 20
Blightburn Radiation (abjuration, arcane, aura, disease) 60 feet. Blightburn crystals infused into an ararda's body attempt to counteract any teleportation spell moving into or out of the aura's emanation (counteract check +31; 7th level). In addition, any creature that starts its turn within the emanation is exposed to blightburn sickness. The aura is blocked by lead sheeting, 1 foot of stone, or large force effects (such as a wall of force, but not a shield spell). An ararda can suppress their aura with an action that has the concentrate trait.
Charged Earth (electricity) Any creature that hits an ararda with an unarmed attack or touches the ararda takes 2d8 electricity damage. Weapons that hit an ararda also take 2d8 electricity damage.
Speed 30 feet, burrow 45 feet, fly 20 feet; earth glide
Melee maul +35 [+30/+25] (magical, reach 10 feet, shove), Damage 3d12+17 bludgeoningMelee sand fist +35 [+31/+27] (agile, earth, electricity, magical, nonlethal, reach 10 feet), Damage 2d8+17 bludgeoning plus 2d8 electricity and blightburn sicknessRanged sand spear +32 [+27/+22] (earth, electricity, magical, range increment 30 feet), Damage 4d8 piercing plus 2d8 electricity and blightburn sicknessArcane Innate Spells DC 37; 7th chain lightning, flesh to stone; 6th veil (self only), wall of stone; 5th shape stone (at will); 4th gaseous form (self only), glitterdust (×3); Constant (4th) detect magic
Change Shape (arcane, concentrate, polymorph, transmutation) The ararda can take on the form of an scorpion. The scorpion form always looks the same, but the ararda can choose to become either Tiny or Small in this form. This transformation doesn't change their Speed or the attack and damage bonuses of their Strikes, but might change the damage type their Strikes deal (typically to piercing).Earth Glide The ararda can Burrow through dirt and stone at its full burrow Speed, leaving no tunnels or signs of its passing.

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Blightburn Genies

Source Pathfinder #155: Lord of the Black Sands pg. 78
Before the Black Desert became a barren sandscape, cultures with grand magical traditions lived under its soaring roof. These communities eventually left the vault or died out, but the genies they summoned remained and became warped by the region's pervasive blightburn radiation. Now, these “blightburn genies” have bodies with features mirroring those of beasts that dwell in dark places, and their elemental lineages have been irreparably corrupted.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Elemental Fusions

Genies of the Black Desert do not personify the four elements of the Elemental Planes as they do elsewhere in the cosmos. Rather, blightburn genies combine their innate elemental powers with the features of the desert to summon powerful, perverted versions of natural phenomena such as electric sandstorms or acid rain.

Sidebar - Related Creatures Other Blightburn Genies

In addition to muurfeli and arardas, other blightburn genies can also be found in the Black Desert, including black, doglike efreet called suayiks and laanums, amorphous marid-like horrors with the heads of powerful sea serpents. Darklands equivalent of jann may exist, though they supposedly only appear to the hopelessly lost.