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PFS StandardJaathoom's ScarfItem 10

Air Invested Magical 
Source Rage of Elements pg. 75
PFS Note The Fortitude save for Jaathoom's Rebuke is 28, not 18.

Price 900 gp
Usage worn belt; Bulk
This scarf is made of fine silk that's the same shade of blue as a clear, cloudless sky. The short ends are edged with a fine gold fringe that seems to sway even in still weather as though touched by invisible winds. The long edges have exquisite embroidery in threads that vary from a blue identical to the silk to the deep gray of storm clouds during winter. Wearing this scarf grants a +2 item bonus to Performance checks to dance and to Acrobatics checks to Escape.

Activate—Vanish [two-actions] (concentrate); Frequency once per day; Effect The scarf casts 4th-rank invisibility on you.

Activate—Jaathoom's Rebuke [one-action] (concentrate); Frequency once per hour; Effect You let the winds around you catch the edges of the jaathoom's scarf, and a jaathoom shuyookh appears with a sudden updraft. The winds force your enemies back, granting you some breathing room in battle. Each enemy in a 10-foot emanation must succeed at a DC 18 Fortitude save or be pushed 10 feet. A creature that critically fails is also knocked prone after being moved. Creatures with the air trait are immune to all these effects.