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The Deck of Destiny

PFS RestrictedStarfaring CloakItem 24

Rare Artifact Conjuration Divine Invested Light 
Source Treasure Vault pg. 180 1.1
Usage worn; Bulk L
The swirling folds of a starfaring cloak appear to contain the night sky, with the stars rotating hypnotically through its firmament shedding dim light to a range of 10 feet. While wearing the cloak, you gain a +10-foot item bonus to your Speed and a fly Speed equal to your Speed. You can survive comfortably without breathing, in the void of space, and in severe or extreme cold or heat. Also, you gain sustenance from starlight and sunlight, so if you're outdoors for an hour or more per day, you don't need to eat or drink. While wearing the cloak, you can navigate perfectly and unerringly by looking up at the sky.

Activate [reaction] envision Frequency once per day; Trigger You make an attack roll, skill check, or saving throw; Effect Reroll the triggering roll and take the higher result. This is a fortune effect.

Activate [two-actions] command, Interact Frequency once per day; Effect The cloak casts sleep at 4th level (DC 42).

Activate [three-actions] envision Frequency once per week; Effect The cloak casts teleport at 10th level. If you name no destination, it teleports you to a random planet in a random location that's safe for you.

Destruction If the wearer of a starfaring cloak is bound by imprisonment for a century and a day, the cloak dissolves into light. This time is reduced to a year and a day if the wearer is placed in eternal slumber by imprisonment and subjected to the nightmare spell once per day.